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This is my first ever blog , so if there are mistooks in it , tuff …lol…

Where do I start ? mmm From the start  then …..

I first met Rick ( Mario426 ) in a chat room  on irc, when he first started seriously talking to me  ( i.e )  us getting together , I told him to nick off , lol, told him he was  , too young, too fat, too bald , and too far away. I was in Brisbane Australia , he was in Dagenham UK. He was persistant  ,( he says he stalked me till I panicked and gave in ).Well dunno what happened but I did give in and after a while fell in love with him.( silly me ) We kept in constant touch via msn and skype for a while , then a friend , ( another irc friend ) asked if we had  ever met, when told no as i didnt have enough money yet , was working on it , he promptly sent me a return 1st class ticket. Came over here and spent 3 months over here getting to really know him , and working out how to go on from there. Having made our plans I went back to Aus. to get the paper work done so we could be together.

Took a while to get paperwork done things sold and sorted , eventually after 2yrs  and 2 months I was back , only to find 1 bit of my paperwork was wrong. Did not find this out till almost too late, so had to make a hurried trip back to fix it.This should have taken no more than 6 – 8 weeks tops, but owing to some one with a grudge against me , in a position to hold things up on purpose did so , and it was 14 weeks before  I got it sorted, then only because someone in the same department spotted it and fixed it right away.

So finally got back here to stay , plans were then to get a job , which I  did right away( job was actually waiting for me )  went right to work and worked my butt off..Next on list of things to do was get married, but then it all went A over apex…Rick  got retrenched , then a groin hernia I had , had repaired , started to give pain again, at this stage I had  been working 42hrs a week to fill the gap owing to Rick losing his job.Cut that down then to try to keep working , to 21 hrs, the hours i was actually contracted for. Went to dr. got him to refer me to a specialist to get it sorted quick and get back to work.

Some hope that was, the ” so called ”  specialist took 1 look at me, decided i was just an old fat woman that didn’t know what she was talking  about, and never then heard 1 word I actually  said. He never even heard the word  ” groin ” as he  decided it was just hernia ,owing to my weight. He never even asked why I was over weight , so didn’t  know about the constant battle with fluid retention, or the  fact that I have  a bad back owing to a car accident  years ago, or that owing  to that moving is very painful, he just decided i was a pig and ate too much. He  then sent me for a CT scan, at the time I wondered why as it is no where near where the problem was.,got there they put in the dye, again I am wondering why , but thought well its been years since i needed any scans  so just  thought  maybe things had changed.How wrong I was, he made me wait 5 months for the result , by which time I had to go on sick leave from work  as the pain was too much to work with. Well he didn’t even see me himself , sent  a student ,who looks at the scans and says , all is well your abdomen is fine , no hernia.At this  time I lost it big time , I said I know my bloody abdomen is fine , what about my F*****  groin ??? thats  what you  were supposed to be scanning …he mumbles then says , come back in a month and we will write to them and find silly me waits yet another month ,making 7 so far  I have been messed about. Went out to his belligerent secretary to make an appointment , she said 9.30am , told her that it was too early as with  my back I cant move that fast and get there so soon. With very bad grace she said  ok 11.30. told her that was fine, but forgot to look at the card she handed me, she was so determined to have her way , she had marked it 9.30 anyway!! Came back for next  appointment , realized I had forgotten my card so went to 1st  desk to check in , she asked my name and address and said yes there you  are 11.30 go on in. Well when I got to miss do it my way or else , was greeted with , you are late have been put down as a did not show, you were supposed to be here at 9.30. Well I blew smoke rings out  my ears  just about , and told her it was 11.30 as we had agreed and the other desk also had it as 11.30, asked her go check with them, got the angry reply its not my job !! She  said she would go ask the dr if he would still see me , which of course he said no ,lol, wonder why  ??

Went then steaming back to my dr  who also blew smoke rings out his ears when I told him, and right away himself made an  appointment to have an ultra violet scan ,the 1 I should have had first time.This showed up nerve damage along the nerve chain in the groin caused by the original operation. He then sent me to another hospital, another specialist , who looked at it and saw right away the  damage , was that or a re tear he said, so he sent me to another dr who then examined me and said yes, nerve damage,and booked me into have it fixed. The opp. done , it was a relief  to walk again without the pain stabbing in the groin.With all this taking so long , 2 things had happened  , 1. as i had been walking for so long in a certain way to protect the groin , my already injured back was hurting like hell, then when it was fixed, I could walk straight again therefore upsetting the back again as it had to re adjust again. 2. I lost my job , and had to go 8 weeks on no income whatever for both of us. ( that to me is robbery no 1 ) Cost me big £££’s

During all this also i was not able to drive my car very much as it was a manual, and some lowlife decided that as it sat for days at a time it was fair game. So he tried to jimmy it open , couldnt so smashed his way in , took the radio/cd player , and generally made a mess. As I had only had the car for a few months  the insurance didn’t want to know ( robbery no2 )

Let me just say here that despite everything when I got here first I had no bills , and had paid cash for that car.Also still had a small   amount in reserve.

Then we lost the flat as we couldn’t afford it, also we had lost Rick’s mother. His father came to our rescue  and told us to move in with him  which we did . We had been on council register for  over 4 years by this time.

Enter BT , who would not just move our account to his dads for us , but made us pay out that contract and start a new one, costing me big ££’s Then of course when we got this place  same  thing had to pay em out more  £££’s  for nothing ( robbery no3 )

Then As I still needed to have a car I had to get the 1 have now, costing me more £££  I didn’t have ,by now as the first 1 over that idiot dr had taken all my reserves , now was into debt again.

Robbery no 4 was when we got conned out of some money in a pub, blame myself entirely for this as should have known better.

Robbery no5 was when we had to give up Rick’s  car , we got really screwed on that

Robbery no 6  was  8 or 9 weeks without any income as I was never told at work that benefits only last 26 weeks, then it just stops, as this never ever happens in Aus. I was gobsmacked and   shocked. It then took all those weeks to get the pension through as the job center kept losing all the paper work we put in.

As a  foot note to what happened to em at the first hospital I was supposed to be contacted by PALS. to this point they have been told 3 times to get in touch as I have a valid case , how many times have  I heard  ?? 0  thats how many , robbery no7 ??

So now , somehow we have to sell almost all we have to fund the trip back home, and I have an overdraft for the very first time in my life. Had all this not happened , we would have been married, in our own place , and if deciding to go back , would simply have packed, got tickets, visa for  Rick and gone, no problems whatever.

We are still not married, but  we can if I can get us back home, as my sister has jobs and housing sorted for us,its only the lack of money, plus no one even wanting to be fair with selling our stuff that keeps us  here …My sister will also get me to a proper dr  who will treat me like a human being.

Add all that to this and you may get an idea why we so badly want to go home.

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