A Joke Too Far..

The other day I heard on TV  someone said ohh you are Australian , you  must be a convict …..The first few times you hear this so called joke it’s funny, this time  I actually cried a little…seems the English are so sure we are all convicts….they are so judgemental and so …….wrong. If any of them ever  bothered ( they don’t ) to check history correctly , they would find, 1.The biggest percentage of people who went there , went because they wanted to …as Staff, Guards, Free Settlers, people who wanted a fresh start in a wonderful,   and as yet unspoiled land.

2. They paid  their own way and were happy to for a chance at a fresh new start, in a place where there was sun for more than 5 minutes a year. That sun also had some heat in it and made them feel better.

3 That if you also think about it, when would  the convicts have had time to have these families  from which every Australian came from? After all they were not exactly free to go  getting married and having kids, and by the time they were freed, most would be too old to even think about starting a family, all they would want is some peace. So then how can it be that every single Australian is a convict ??? It is just not possible …….

This, for me, sums up being Australian

I have had some very rough times since I have been here ( see previous blog )  and let me say that if it wasn’t  for my fiancé and my best friend  ( take a bow Janice )  also another  Aussie living here, I would  have  gone to find a hole to crawl into. Between Rick and  Janice  they have kept me sane ( lol sort of ) they have been there always  when all I wanted to do was quit. As  it is I no longer go out, for a few reasons , lol, so none of  my twitter people  need ever worry about meeting me, it will never happen as I wont leave here  unless  to go to the Dr.

Having said all that let me say it makes me sad that the English are so judgemental, especially  when as stated earlier in almost every case they are wrong. This is such a lovely country  with so many beautiful  places to see. There is also the lovely architecture, Big Ben, the London eye , The Tower ( shuddup duck ), Piccadilly Circus, Soho, Trafalgar Square ( but its a circle lol ) Leicester Square, and just town in general. It used to be wonderful going in there to see all that , the noise, the traffic, the sights, but it also has become a place I won’t go again as people just push into you and do not care, they then abuse you for being there, it is  just unbelievable.

There is also Edinburgh, lovely city, lovely castle, great countryside  on the drive up. My friend took me with her to Germany for a couple of days as I was very down and needed a lift, it was so lovely. There is  just so much beauty here it could be a wonderful place if people would just lighten up a bit, and stop seeing everyone as the enemy.

Goal number  1 now is to just get sorted and go home , take my lovely Rick with me and go to a place where people will help each other  and the sun shines  lots. Am convinced  the main problem with people here  is the weather  , it is cold ,wet,windy,snowy, for 95%  of the time so they are the same , they just need to try and rise above it , if possible , know its not easy……

5 thoughts on “A Joke Too Far..

  1. We are not all like that, and I for one would have loved to have met you and showed you I’m nothing like our weather. Lol. ((( hugs)))

  2. Hi Girlie. Sorry you’ve had such a crap time. As you know I see both sides of it. I get calls to Aussie bars all the time where I get abuse, spat at and told to F off. I still have Aussie mates though. I find people are either good or bad regardless of nationality. I know you’re a goon un

  3. *takes a bow thanks for the kind words sis (and yes if i could choose family your the sis i would want 😉
    lol first of all ya not going to gag me on this one Rhonda 😉 you know im there through it all.
    I know exactly what your saying there about the Convicts that we Aussies are supposed to be but i can tell every one with Pride that My grand mother took my father and his siblings (6 all up) to Australia to start a new was a widow after her partner passed away in Newcastle here (ok god has forgiven me i’m part Gordie) but yes after a while I get rather pissed off when people not knowing the truth but assume that because Im an Aussie that i must instantly be a convict .. sheesh if that was the case I would not be working in a position with vulnerable people. I was recruited to come to the UK because of what I do (yes air fairs etc were reimbursed as well when i arrived) and the fact of but the fact of the matter is NOT EVERY AUSTRALIAN IS A CONVICT … try getting this trough to the majority of the Poms is mission imposable.
    Rhonda I do know your situation and you know if I could help you two to get back home I would … but who knows I might make my 5 year plan in returning back to Australia (oh wait did I tell you that plan opps my bad I have not)

    Oh yes and then there was the people On line who you knew well and then when Rick was meeting me here in London for my First Birthday and I told him and you as you two were very much a couple back then and there was no way I would make moves on another woman’s man as I know exactly how that feels when ones partner cheats on the other, all the people that told you Rhonda not to allow Rick to meet me with out you there as I was called a man eater you know that that’s just so not true sheesh im called all these things by people who have never met me nore have they made it a point to get to know me yet they are soo bloody quick to accuse me of this or that .. Im so sick of people like this … then there is the men here well they all think im after what a one night stand lol not .. i have soo much to give to the right man but hey he seems illusive ..
    ok done my rant …
    time i took my seat and sat back down
    love yas both Rhonda n Rick (bro n sis even xoxoxox)
    da duck 😉

  4. The prejudice of people who are ignorant is an interesting aspect of human nature. The English have developed a form of culture that is based on a medieval class structure that hangs around in modern times like a rotting corpse.
    Snobbery that puts down successful countries like Australia is shallow, and only shows the person who does this as uneducated and insecure.
    The influence of convict transportation to Australia doesn’t require an apology, as Australia is one of the strongest economies in the world. Australia has been known as one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and British people wonder how this could be.
    Britain is sometimes known by its tragic lack of energy, its self loathing, its spitefulness.
    Australia is young, with lots of achievements already. I pity the lame English fools whose only comment about Australia is some snide convict remark. Such ignorance shows a country falling into decline, and bitter about the loss of “Empire”, the loss of “Great Britain”.

  5. I’ve used that joke in the past and am very sorry I did.
    How long has it taken Britain to apologise for all the children forcibly taken to Australia and all those who moved there on the £10 deal?

    We laugh and joke about such things either through ignorance or shame.

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