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What Use??

What use indeed are the Environmental Health??

Are they or are they not supposed to protect people from harm?? Consider this then, took a few weeks to track down what was making me so very sick, sometimes I can hardly breathe, found out it was mould. We found very black mould (not mould caused by condensation, as it’s too low down on the wall) in our bed room. It was right under the bed, so I have been breathing it in for months unknowingly, walls were clear when we painted them just before we moved in.

So doing the right thing we ring the council, who told us they were busy, despite being told of my being sick. So then off to the doctor, who says forget the council , go right to the Environmental Health we go. Tell them your sick, that you have been to me he says. We do this only to be told, there was no way to hurry the help up, you just have to wait, no matter if your sick or not . Oh and you must not remove it (weird that) when its making me so sick, and we have taken pictures too. This from a department we are told is supposed to be helping us. Just how exactly is making  me stay sleeping with it in the house like that ,helping me exactly?  I was always told they were there to protect us, so how are they doing this in my case exactly..?? Oh and yes we have moved the bed away from the  corner where it was, but the health problems are still there and I still have trouble breathing at times.

So the question is this, what on earth do you do to save your self, when the very department that is supposed to do it just don’t care ??

Footnote  …we have not been able to contact the department directly as there  is no direct number we can find on the web anywhere, and thats where the number is supposed to be.

We’ve now e-mailed our three ward councilors. A copy of this e-mail has also been sent to the acting chief executive of the council, who started his career there as a trainee Environmental Health Officer, and was previously in charge of the housing department. We await developments…..

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