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Have You Ever

Have you ever  …Screamed in frustration ..cried in pain…wanted to shake something or someone …wanted to kick a cat …felt so lonely you want to just cry …

Have you ever…… looked at someone and thought , sheesh they need to pull themselves together ,need to just buck up, get on with it, stop being so silly …

Have you ever ….Gone  off at someone for not moving quick enough to get out of your way ….gone off at someone for not doing what you asked  right away …

If you have ever then let me ask you …

Were you able to look inside the body of that person you are going off about? Did you see the inside? see the broken body?? feel the pain?  see the ear  or eye that does not work as well as yours? Do you have  X – ray vision??

Now consider…… If you have not been in any of these places, then why do you go off at them? Can they help a broken body, a deaf ear, a blind eye ? It is not of their choosing, no one would choose to be like this. To have a body that just does not function, or to be too old to move as fast as this impatient generation wants. They do not deliberately get in your way, most times they just cant help it.

Also consider this ….. when you do your work or housework, do you do a couple of things then stop, crying with pain? Then when it settles to a dull roar, get up and go do something else, something else you know will make it all worse again? but you do it because you know you need to, need to or you will just give in to it.

There are just so many judgemental  people in this world today, are you 1 of them? How many times have you thought  to yourself what a waste of space that person is, wish they would get out of the way, why can’t they do it themselves? Why do I have to do things for them? they are just bloody lazy, or just want to have everything given to them.

Wouldn’t it be great if…instead  of going off at people for not being a good as you think you are, you helped them? gave thanks to God that you are not disabled in anyway? Helped make this world a little bit better for these people who through no fault of their own are disabled, or just getting on in years?

Wouldn’t it be great if …instead of making a laughing stock of older people, of making jokes out of them, which now seems to be the done thing, you actually talked to them , and really listened ? They have a lot of knowledge , they have a lot of experience , and almost all could help you with almost all of your problems if you just gave them the respect they should have ,and actually listened to them. Remember  they might be your mother, father, grandfather,grandmother, or another family member you love , would you want them treated like that ? Treated like a joke, a non person,ignored , just because they are old or disabled ? Would you like to have that done to you ?? How would you like it ? Are their tears  any different to yours when you cry ?? Put yourself in the shoes of someone you know who , is in a wheel chair, walks very slowly , walks  with a cane or walking sticks, or with a guide dog , now how would you like it  ???

Have you ever …after all the pain , the hurt , the miss treatment , then just said to yourself , if you are in that position , I will not let them see how much they hurt me , will not let them know how much pain they cause , they cant see this  ,all they see is someone in the way. So I will just keep going and do the very best  I can to help others in this place , this place of rejection , help them not to be so hurt by the inconsideration of others.Help them also to realize that people  don’t even see what they are doing in most cases, they are too busy to notice someone else’s pain.

If you are in this place , and have done/seen/thought about  wishing someone   out of the bloody way then please , stop , think, would you like to be ” done away with ”  just to suit someone else  ? Would you like to be the one everyone laughs at,  the one everyone  makes jokes of , the one everyone wants out of the way  ???

If you have done or even thought any of this  then please , picture your self right there , close your eyes , feel the pain, know the hurt , then see if you still  want someone  ” out of the way ”

Have you ever ….made up your mind about someone but then had a re  think ? if you have about people like this , then let this be the time you re think, they are people too ,and need love and help the same as you do …

Have you ever ……????

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