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How Much More

I  would not have  believed it , had  I not seen it with my own eyes.

We had for a change been able to park in the spot that is meant for this disabled flat, but we knew we had to go out ,and I jokingly said you watch as soon as we leave she will be in there. Oh said no she wont she has to go to work,yeah right. She knows full well that I need to be able to park in front of here ,but her re-action ? What the F***K has that got to do with me ?? her own words…

Most of you know about our neighbor from hell , well this is a new low even for that excuse for humanity ,we only went round the block gone 5 mins at most. Came back because we had forgotten an appointment letter, in time to see it ,rush out and move its car into the space outside  my door again. Just looked at oh and shook my head ,said I just don’t believe what I just saw ,that’s just pure heartlessness ,and pettiness , I still don’t believe it.

Those that know me know that all I have ever wanted    for us  is to be left alone,to do what Oh an I had planned from the start. All we have had tho ( as those who have read previous blogs ) will know , we have had  robbery ,incompetence and downright nastiness shown  to us . So far  have found no reason whatever for this state of affairs ,we have kept to ourselves , helped out when needed, done our best  just to do what we wanted to do. Am left wondering just what it is we have to do to be able to live in peace , and do what we want to do ?

Most of you know , those I tweet with daily will know ,that I have found that even thinking about going home  now,   brings yet another robbery ,as was the case a couple of weeks ago.Just how am I supposed to raise the money we so badly need to get out of this place  if they wont stop ?? We would have been out of here at least 18 months  to 2 years ago if we had been allowed to do our thing the way we wanted . Had no bills then ,also had enough in the bank to do what we planned, now am in the red for the 1st time in my life , its a feeling i hate as I have always believed in paying my bills.

So just how much more of this crap  are we supposed to take? Is there any hope for us ?? Please don’t bombard me with , but  you never know whats round the corner  , it will all come right ….I think about this statement and shake, given what’s gone before I am terrified that  it will only get worse…so that’s out. I admit I am rapidly getting to the point where I just want to find a hole and  go in and pull it over my head,am just about done fighting .

How much more  ?? Not very much I have already thrown in the towel as to going home , its not going to happen . I  had so wanted to be able to sit in that lovely Aussie sun and have  the warmth make my back feel better, this cold weather constantly  is doing my back in even more. Too tired and sick and  sore to keep fighting , so that’s that. Most of you know that already I refuse to go out , because of just this sort of petty behavior, have been run into, pushed , shoved , sworn at , simply because I cannot walk very well so am slow ,my back hurts so much walking is too painful , so don’t budge unless it is absolutely necessary  just not safe out there for me .

Having said that , there has also been a few wonderful times ,before the rot set in, where we did a bit of touring round. Went to Scotland, saw the  Edinburgh Festival , spent a few  lovely days there . Spent days here and there looking at all the usual spots  in London , did all the usual places , in short had a ball . Went to a twitter friends place  for a few days, and over the border just into Wales.  Just would give anything to know why , all of a sudden things went sour ,why we suddenly became  targets no matter what we did??

You know what I hate most of all ? These dam tv shows that try to get you to enter competitions where you can win thousands of  $$$$  or  £££ . the truth of it is that its only for them to make money on, no one ever wins , they pay premium prices to enter what they will never win , ohh yeah lets not forget the  “free online entry ” if anyone thinks those are ever even looked at they got rocks in  their head , those  things only hurt people like us who really do need help , by trying to tell us its possible, the whole dam thing is a con and should be banned. Lets not forget the “winners ” they  run onto screen , they are paid a paltry sum to act out a scene , they never won what’s not there to win.It just hurts to see the lies ,and people falling for it, no one gives money away ever, its that simple.

That just adds to …how much more  …

I guess there are some nice people here , all the ones on twitter are , its why i spend so much time on it, but  as usual for my luck  those I would love to meet and spend time with are too far away for it to happen. Some of them seem to be really lovely people , people I would love to talk more to. At this stage tho , don’t think I would go to meet anyone , just got too scared now to try it again . Can only take so much and then you withdraw , which is what I am doing more and more ..



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