We Don’t Do Enough

We don’t do enough ?? What don’t we do enough of  ??

We don’t do enough of being thankful for what we have .

We don’t do enough looking about us and seeing what others lives are like.

I  for 1 am very guilty of just this very thing , ok , I do have reason to be very negative ( see other blogs for info ) and yes I am sitting here crying in pain right now as  I write this , but should I let this stop me  ?? No I shouldn’t ,I am very blessed in many ways , have more “things ” than I have ever had before in my life. I have a man who loves me to pieces (idiot lol ) but also I love him to bits and cannot imagine life without him . He shows me every day how much he loves me , he says nothing but he does lots. This is the first time ever that I have had a man who actually meant what he said, and proves it every day . It is the  most  wonderful experience anyone can ever have , to be truly loved, and to be shown it all the time.

God loves us this much and unconditionally ……my Oh shows me just a touch of what  that sort of love really is.

I also have a great little car that does a great job and is economical, I have plenty of clothes, food, shoes, you name it , it’s there . Yes I do have a lot of problems but nowhere near enough to complain about.

We don’t do enough … helping others ,we look at them and say “oh how sad ” but what do we do about it  ?  Do we  help out? Do we say I have no money  but maybe there is something else I can do for you ? In a word  No, we do not, we are ok in our own little world so we don’t worry about what anyone else needs.There is way too much talk and does anyone do anything  ?? No they don’t , talk is cheap , it’s time for action, and now.

The recent riots here in the  UK have shown me how little I really care  about others, so wound up in my own problems I forget there are others far worse off than me. There are people out there now as a result of the riots who have lost  homes, their shops, their clothes, all they own in fact, cars, and everything they ever loved, all gone, all gone because of a drug dealer who was known to police and was known to carry a gun . His family  just had a quiet protest in mind , but  then the thugs came on the scene ,they saw what an opportunity there was now. So with the aid of internet and phone they started , with no thought or care about how many lives they would be destroying set about destroying the very place they lived in. The places they shopped , the places they went to , all destroyed in moments of sheer greed. Greed was what spurred them on, 1 family’s grief was taken and turned into a  frenzy of looting and burning and bashing. Many people have had their lives turned upside down ,all in the name of greed , I see it  , I want it  I will have it, no matter what the cost to others.

We don’t do enough…taking time to stop and smell the roses, to look about and see how well off we really are. All we do is complain , blame someone else , instead of trying to do something about it, we can if we try, it may be very hard but we can do it if we really try. I for 1 almost got caught in the “victim ” cycle , but I refuse it, yes I have very good reason to feel like that ( see other blogs ) but I  refuse , I refuse to be drawn down a path that can only lead to unhappiness and misery. I have support for the first time in my life  , I have someone who loves me and will back me up , and no amount of crap from other people or places will put me off..

We don’t  do enough  but its high time we did, if we don’t who will ? Are we going to wait for someone else to start first ?? If so how long will we wait ? 1 day, 1 week, 1 year  ??? Or just put it off hoping someone else will do it, so we don’t have to bother…

We really don’t do enough ……Do we ??

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