Amazing ..

What is amazing is how different things can be ….

We went for the weekend  to another town not too very far from here ,pretty place,looked relaxed easy enough to get around. Walking around the place , and at the Hotel we were staying at I was beginning to wonder where I was  ,on this planet or some other . The people were actually smiling , being polite ,and even saying hello with a smile. Walk around this place we now live in and all you get  is a scowl as if to say “get out of my way” .No where here will you get someone smiling or being polite or even less will they say hello. People who live around here are closed ,all they think of is themselves ,and they show that to the world. They think nothing of pushing past you and bumping you to get you out of the way ,but at the place we were at ,what a difference!!  I actually had doors opened for me, was apologized to if bumped, smiled at when served. Even at the 2 pubs we go to when we can after 5 years going to each of them we know not 1 person in either. not 1 person has befriended us in all that time ,and that is just alien to me as it does not happen like  that at home.

Up until  this point I had thought all the people here  were like that ,as it had been like that all the time I had been here . Kept getting told we are not all the same , but  up to now had not found it that way. So now to explore and see , and ok  first time out found a huge difference ,sure made me  think , maybe the ones saying this to me are right after all ,we shall see. This is the first time  something like this has happened  so am very pleased with the result, certainly did not expect it  so soon,expected more of the same.

So now it’s time to get out of this soul destroying place, maybe not back to Australia  (where we really  want to go ) but at least out of this area for a start. We had 2 reasons to pick the town we went to ,1. to look around and see if we would like to live there  , and 2 to meet up with a fellow tweeter we had chatted to for some time.  Well that was a riot and quite the funniest week end we have had in many , many months , she is so naughty ,lol, (you know who you are  Trouble )   LMAO both her and hubby , just lovely people , so they made us decide this was indeed where we would like to be.

Next step is to try and get an exchange to there , we are on the register for that so now we have to wait  and hope we can find someone soon , who would take this place and then we can go there . No idea at all how long this may take unfortunately  so just have to wait ,but at least we now have a focus point ,something to look forward to for the moment.  I feel if we can do this and soon it will be a real lift to both of us , and help give us a new perspective. Also for the 1st time since being here will have  a friend to see now and then and have a coffee with  and that will be wonderful.  When i first came here  I had thought it wouldn’t matter where we lived , that people are the same mostly and just want to be  nice , say hi now and then * sigh * couldn’t have been more wrong could I ? Those who have read my other blogs know the story. So now with a little of the right kind of luck we can fix that and then concentrate on getting to Australia. Won’t be so hard on me or so stressful if the everyday pressures are lessened this way , so will be able to try and relax more and get it happening  .

Yes it was amazing ,would never have  dreamed that there would be so much difference in 2 places , at my friends urging we went and looked, only to find she was indeed right . Lol  no one tell her please or she will get a swelled head  ..giggles …the town she has lived in all her life ,and her hubby too , is indeed everything she said it was ,so now wheels in motion, just hope they spin fast ..

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