What Do We Have To Do ???

What do we have to do to be left alone ??

Isn’t it ever  enough ?

First there was all the other robberies (see blog1 ) then after a while there  was  my oh  having his bag pinched out of the van he was driving . Now this….( this is written in pure anger  ,I will admit it )

We are struggling along with everyone else to survive ,all we mostly have is my pension to live on . Once in a while tho he  gets a day here and there of driving work , and he was driving as usual today  ,stopped did his delivery,walked back to the van. Where he was jumped on by 2 thugs ,early 20’s ,who attacked him and stole his new Blackberry, didn’t get his wallet  as he was able to fight them off…but he and I are very shaken by this.

I cannot believe why we keep getting singled out ,we try to keep to ourselves,do the right thing by people and this is what we get  ?? Someone please tell me what we have to do for them to leave us alone . All we want,  all we have ever wanted, and the reason I came here ,is to get married and go back to Australia to live. We were right on track for 14 months , then the rot set in, neither of us has done a thing wrong  so are staggered by yet another blow. I gave up drinking some time ago ,had been cutting back for a long time , but recently stopped altogether .I can tell you now I have a triple strength  rum here , am so shaken up by all this , he has now just had a sandwich and gone back to the police station . Have no idea how long he will be , but will worry till hes  back here .

Every time we even look as tho things are finally going the right way for us , the actions of others bring us right back down .People these days are so dam self centered they do not care 1 bit that what they do might cost others dearly. We have lost this entire year of getting things together  1 way or another . Now yet again ,we have to start again , we are trying to get an exchange on this place but it is going so   slow its painful. We would have been married and back in Australia  at least 2 years ago had we been left alone.

I have not been this angry in a very long time , am supposed to be looking after myself , but how  can I ?? I actually have a headache right now that I know full well is because of all this , and people wonder why i never go out unless I have to. I am also crying writing this , just do not know what to do, whatever we do its wrong ..have never  felt so lost in all my life , never had this much shit thrown at me in all my life , well once i was old enough to leave home. Never before have I been at such a total loss as to how to proceed now , have always been able to work out what to do  , not now, now I am angry , hurt, confused  ..

I freely admit this is a rant , but also feel I have the right to , we do not deserve this , we do not want this ,what do we have to do ??

They say home is where the heart is , and in my case ,especially now it has never had more meaning for me , miss my family more and more every time something like  this happens . I know  that we are not alone, that things like this happens ,but why so many times?

To say I just want to go home is a huge understatement , but how ? we can’t even get out of here , so what hope do we have  of doing what we want ? Of making our dream come true ??

5 thoughts on “What Do We Have To Do ???

  1. What is holding you back? Is it finances? A house to sell? Or something to go to?
    I look back at the move we made and realise we would not have done it had we not had a date to work to, it was amazing what we achieved in under 4 months and what didn’t get sorted I.e renting our house out we just did from over here, it wasn’t easy and I don’t think I’d chose to do it again but who knows?

    • Money, unfortunately. We seem to take one step forward and then two back. My philosophy (in Afrikaans) “Moenie toelaat dat die bliksems maal jy af…”

  2. (I’m fraggledragon on Twitter) Ah lass. T’is the world we live in I’m afraid. We live as best we can, just for some low life who lives as bad as they can to wreck ours. Unfortunately there is no deterrent for this type of behaviour, so the good people are always the ones who pay. What is for us won’t go by us, and what goes around comes around. They are just well known words, but I truly believe in them. Karma recently visited someone who has caused me a lot of pain, so they will pay, in some shape or form. Stay strong, stay focused, and remember the one good thing, no one was truly hurt, you still have him, you can still see him and love him, you still HAVE him. Stay strong. x

  3. I can only add what has already been said, you two certainly deserve any of this but then no good person does and I too believe in what goes around comes around and one day those people will know what it is to hurt. Pick yourselves up, brush yourselves down yet again and push on, you have each other and that’s priceless. Xxx

  4. Oh honey! I am so upset for you & ur sweetheart! I wish I were a millionaire cuz I would help u out in a heartbeat! You definitely do not deserve any of this! I wish u love, peace, joy, & happiness! God bless u & Mario! Super big hugs coming ur way today & always! ❤

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