Automation …just how much have we allowed into our lives? how much have we removed the “personal”  touch ? Way too much is my opinion…let me explain ..

Got a call from my bank manager ( no im not in trouble ) he wanted to talk to me  so we set up an appointment time and day. Then I discovered that I could not go that day so rang up ( or tried to ) this is where the fun started , after trying to phone in, first press this button,then press that  button, now key in your  card number and every other number you can think of , while trying to juggle a phone, hear what they are saying  all at the same time.  These systems are not made for anyone but jugglers and people with super hearing, they do not make provision for anyone who can’t hear well, have trouble with using  their hands , or any other disability . Fine you get through to a human , finally, then you explain that you cannot make that time the  manager made and want to change it. Right job done , so you think, then you get a text message telling you the appointment is  fixed , for the exact day you  just finished telling them you cant make!!! This after being promised that the time/day would be re set and then they would call you to confirm. If you have at this point not thrown the phone across the room in disgust ,you try (again)  to ring them,get told to hang on ?? No !!! you are not paying for this call I am and  I won’t hold on for hours while you try and sort it out .So what now?  Off to the branch to try and sort it out , but its Saturday so manager not in, make the appointment again , cross fingers go home , hope for best.

Fine get to bank on  Monday , explain to manager what’s just gone on in getting to this point ,he says ok lets try it out, so he set up his phone, nice big one  propped up for easy access , big numbers on the front , start call ,press buttons ,easy !! 46seconds best  phone line for a bank in the country so he says. At this point  what I should have done was to hand him my mobile phone and said now do it from this, not from a phone all set up, that you don’t need to even  hold ,nice big numbers you just push with a pen,or that has a nice loud speaker on. Try juggling it, try to hear what the robot is telling you ,then press the right buttons, see then how long it takes. Owing to the fact my pain level that day was very high I forgot to do this .

So automation ?? it is   alright in some things , yes it makes life easier , but in this instance why  not have a central number you can call to talk to a human? Or be able to ring the branch direct ? in this instance it is all wrong  this is a place that needs  the human touch .

How many other places we have to deal with also have this system ? I bet if you check  you will find an amazing amount of places have the “automated system ” long gone is the human  touch, the friendly touch.seems it is more important to go with the flow and have all automated systems .The customer is just an inconvenience ,a nuisance in the running of the business, they forget its the customer who keeps them going.

Please hold the line , your call is important to us ..NO  it is not or you would have a real person there to help .

Please hold the line we will check this for you  …No  you are not paying the phone bill I am.

All our operators are busy please call again ..No  I need to talk to you now not when it  suits you.

Let me leave you to ponder ,and to ask  Good things come to those who wait…. May I ask?… How long is the line?

One thought on “Automation

  1. Completely agree with you, I find those lines impossible to use because of my hands. Maybe we should do the same when companies, banks etc phone us…. For Penny press 1 and wait and wait and wait. Lol

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