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What if I Hadn’t ??

What if I hadn’t  , upped stakes the way I did and come over here to be with the man I fell in love with over the internet ?? ( amazing what you can get on the internet ) LOL

Well for 1 thing I wouldn’t wake up every day in the arms of a man who loves me to bits, and would do anything he can for me . would not have been to some wonderful places. I have been since I have been here to Scotland  ,Edinburgh to be exact for the festival ,and to see the Castle , walk the ground they hold the Tattoo in, and generally do some sight seeing for a couple of glorious days. Also would not have been to Wales (  just a little in ) saw a lovely town there , stayed at a friends house ,would not have  been to wonderful Air Shows, or to Southend ,seen lots of lovely shops and museums and pubs , Big Ben , the Wheel ,the Underground  ,such an amazing  place is London .

Would not have been to Germany for a river cruise ,with a good friend (almost bought home a sexy waiter off the cruise ohh yumm ) <—that only because my Oh was on the phone giving me cheek lol, he soon hung up. Germany is a lovely place the people, the buildings, the castles ,the outdoor markets ,the architecture just amazing , was a lovely few days.

Would not have been able to make my first ever snow man, have  my first ever snow fight ,lol, and generally have fun in the snow. Though have had more than enough of it now tho,as it is bloody cold!! We are supposed to have this winter the worst ever for 30+ years so they say ,so hope they are wrong .

I have been to so many  places ,done so many things that would not have happened if I had  not decided to come over,and take what to me was a small risk . Would also have not met some lovely people who have made me feel good, 1 I now call trouble  , lol, you know who you are, is the loveliest lady I have ever met,and her hubby is sweet ( dunno how he puts up with her tho )  lmao then there is that cat..he is something else , a ginger terror lol but nice too.Nice sight to see him asleep in the chair on top of hubby.

Yes we have had more than our fair share of trouble , caused by other people ( see other blogs ) but still cannot get past the fact that despite all that  we still have each other and we still love each other as much now as we did when we first got together. Since I have been here too got bullied into getting on Face Book by a friend lol, then twitter   and these 2 things alone have repeatedly made me laugh , or cry , or both at the same time sometimes.Met some lovely people off twitter , been to a few tweet ups and had a real laugh. All these things have made the bad times just that tiny bit easier to stand.

What if I hadn’t ??

Who knows was not in a good position where I was, was lonely, frustrated ,needed to be appreciated ,needed to have someone who would return my love .That alone was a first for me as until I got here it had never happened to me before . Now I know that when I do something for him , he will return it in full and it is the most wonderful feeling. Makes you want to do something for others when they return the feeling. I feel had I stayed where  I was I would not have grown as much as I have inside , due to the fact I broke the cycle of people  who were using me,      stopped the rot  ,we all need to do this .

What if  I hadn’t ?? Who knows  ?? and to be honest I don,t care  it’s not worth worrying about now , I know what it has meant to me ,and to my  Oh, and right now it’s all that matters. Worrying about it now will serve no purpose , so it is onward and upwards from here and see what happens …lol..hold on tight !!

I had some eyeglasses. I was walking down the street when suddenly the prescription ran out. –


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