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Dignity …what does it mean to you ? Does it mean that at certain times in your  life you deserve to be treated with it ?  With respect  ? With kindness ?

Picture this then , you are dying ,with only weeks or so left to live, your in hospital , helpless cannot do the most simple things any more .Everything you have always been able to do you now cannot do,not even feed yourself .It is heart breaking…

Now this to me ,and please correct me if I am wrong ,is the very time  that dignity and respect should be yours …right  ?

Wrong if your in an NHS hospital , where you are left to fend for yourself for hours on end, where the bed clothes don’t even cover your modesty for long periods of time . Where food that you and  your family have repeatedly   told staff you cannot eat  , is dumped on your table and your  left with it,so no food for you again . Then the nursing staff ( what a joke they are )  complain that you are not eating or drinking enough , oh right , so all the telling the staff that you cannot manage alone  ?? where did that info get to ? who passed it on ?? No one that’s  who ..Where even tho you have alarms attached  to you , when they go off, no one comes ,so if you are lucky , family or friend is there to forcibly get someone  to help. These people also  know you are dying ,they have been told.

Not enough nurses , too many patients , too much stress on an overloaded system ,no time to talk to each other. also far too many  who are just too greedy and are just in it for the money ,and when approached by family for help snap at you and refuse to help. So no correlation of information, no one knows what the hell is going on with any patient. Sad to say not even the doctors seem to be any more informed .Having said all that you do sometimes ( very rare ) find a nurse who loves her job and is dam good at it , we have only found 1 maybe 2 in all the time FIL has been in hospital. 

So then, where is the dignity in this? How would you feel if it was your mother,brother, sister ,father ,grand parent ? Any of the people you love  ? Would you like to go into the hospital with dread each day wondering what you will find  next ? Then find your loved one in tears because they can no longer function ,no longer do things they have taken for granted all this time . Is this Dignity ? or Respect ? Have these things gone out of our lives so much that no one even cares enough ??Wondering how much of what the nurses should have done and have not that you will then have to do. Finding your loved one out in a chair in awful discomfort  because they have been dumped out in the chair and just left there for hours and just want to go back to bed. We have had to put  FIL  back to bed, feed him, give him a drink, far too many times. I am left wondering when will the time come when I can visit him and be able to just sit and hold his hand ( which he loves)  rather than be doing  the job the nurses are supposed to be doing  ..

Dignity and Respect ….where have they gone ?


Beyond Anger ..

Ever been so angry  that your body temperature goes right up ? Goes up so high you have to go outside with next to nothing on to bring it down ? Well right now  I am that angry , more than I have been in a very long time.

Let me explain , once again we went to the hospital to see  FIL , who is terminally ill with cancer , once again I find  he is not being cared for in the way he needs . I have nursed  someone with terminal cancer before ( my late husband ) so make no mistake  I know what  I am talking about . He was left with a tray full of sandwiches,tea,soup,biscuits,sweets,mousse, you name it , its there . Now and ,here’s the fun bit, no one has bothered to see if he in fact can feed himself, he cant, his hands shake so much he cant make it to his mouth. Does anyone know this  ? you guessed it , no they do not , so once again  I feed him his mousse and some of his cup of tea. He was more than willing to have them , but just couldn’t make his hands  work for him .Add this to the fact that I had to buy him a round ring pillow so he could sit on that and his bed sores would be off the mattress , the donut shape of it should have given them the clue as to how to use it for him. i.e. sit him in the middle so his sore bottom does not touch the bed. So what do i find ? every day I go in its in the wrong place or in the drawer because they cannot work out how to use it  , I mean how hard is it  ??

Today I go to talk to a nurse and see if I can get some help, I  ask a nurse  can I speak to you for a moment  please  ? No she says and takes off , I just stood there mouth open , and this is what poor dad has looking after him  ?? It is a total and utter disgrace ,and the  Government wants to fix it  ? from what to what  ? From  appalling to not quite appalling ?? I bet anything you like that they would never ever let a member of their family be treated this way ., but they expect us to be, .There is no way on earth that I should have to go in every day to nurse him ,when that is what they are supposedly paid for.If it comes to it I will take him to his own home and nurse him myself , it is just too much to bear seeing this type of thing day after day .Will move in with him if  I have to will not take any more of this shit much longer I promise you .

The people I blame most for this fiasco and  who are indirectly responsible are not the people who voted these people in , but the ones who were too bloody lazy to go and vote . They  were too lazy to take an interest in the running of their own country and now those who can least defend themselves are copping it. If you are 1 of the lazy ones who didn’t vote , pat yourselves on the back , your the ones doing this to us  ..



What Sort Of Joke Is This ?

Let me start by saying I had no intention of doing another blog just yet, but what happened today made me so mad, so incensed I couldn’t  wait.

We went today to the hospital to see my OH’s  dad , who has a very aggressive  cancer , he was put  in hospital yesterday ,after waiting for over 5 hrs  for a Dr to even see him. then finally they decide to admit him . good thing you would think for a man so very sick,.WRONG !!! Went to see him today and he’s  looking very frail , very weak , which is to be expected with what he has. What  happened while we were there was  not expected, he has an intravenous drip in to try keep his fluid balance right, as his blood pressure keeps dropping.For a start the drip is in the wrong place as every time he moves his right arm , and he is right handed the alarm goes off, BUT, and here is what made me so bloody angry , did the nurses come and fix it? did they move the drip ? NO , at one stage that alarm as well as the call the nurse alarm went on for over 10 mins  and did anyone come to see what was wrong ?? you gussed it  NO. 

So when did they come  ? When I went out to the nurses station and yelled at them  and said , what is the use of having a bloody alarm on a patient if you are not going to take any notice of it ??? There are 2 alarms going off in there and  not 1 of them came to sort it, they were too busy talking in the passage. Now  I do understand that nurses are overworked, yes  I do, but an alarm is a very different thing it means you go NOW!!! You do not ignore it so long that the relatives go out and yell at you. What happened the next time it went off? did they come fix it? Mover the drip site  ?? You guessed it  NO they didn’t , how did the alarm get fixed this time? We fixed it  , we did their job for them . This is just not acceptable, in any shape or form.

So this is how  the government intends to “reform” the  NHS  the  DWP  the DLA ? they are going to kill the off, its easier to let them all die than to look after them .

1st  the  NHS it is a shambles I for 1 refuse point blank any more to go near a doctor here  ,as yet again they have bloody lost my blood test results . After having already made  the injuries to my back worse by sheer incompetence  , and having been in turn ignored/ sneered at by so called doctors I have had a gutfull .But after what happened to a very sick and defenceless old man today I am disgusted

2nd The DWP will find any reason it can to deny or cut off any pension they can to save money, regardless of what happens to the person involved..

3rd and MOST important , Suddenly out of the blue people  who have no hope what ever of getting better are being told after 12 months  magically  they are better !! Wow !! how cool is that !! But sorry to say it does not work that way , so what becomes of them  ? How are they supposed to live  ? 

Is this country going back to  a  Feudal society ? Where those who have just  tell those who haven’t  what they will get ?? That they will take what’s given and like it ??

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Just Who’s Fault Is This ??

Just who’s fault is it that  I am here  ? Sitting here freezing my assets off, and stirring  up my new husband .??

Lets look at this  ok..

1 Maybe it is my husband ,the man  who refused to ,errr to put it nicely , nick off when i told him to ? he persisted when anyone else would have given up and said ok .

I mean here  I was sitting at home in Australia , minding my own business ,doing whatever I wanted , chatting on irc, when in waltzed this pommie bloke , and started to talk to me in private , and no amount of telling him to go away worked. As I said to him your too young . too fat,too bald , and nothing that I want in a man .After all I wasn’t even looking for 1 had finished with them .Since found out  he stes his mind to something , then that  something gets done.

2 Or is it the long time irc friend who had been away then came back and found out about me and  Rick. 1st  question  he asked was , have you met in real life  ? As the answer was no he said ok dont go away I will be right back. He returns about 10 mins later and says check your e ..mail. , I did so only to find a 1st class return ticket to London waiting there for me . We were absolutely stunned ( thanks  Ramage ) lol  I think..

3.Or is it my own fault ( nahh never )

I could have said no , can’t accept this its way too much ,could have just plodded on ,and tried to work it out  by myself. As you know they say , never  look a gift horse in the mouth, so I didnt and here  I am ..

Here I am with a man who loves me to bits ,will do anything for me ,and on who I have come to rely more than ever , not something  I do very easily . We are now working on getting ourselves to Australia to live ,and it takes ages but will be worth it .

So after all it seems it is a combination of all of these things , all working together to gang up on me , lol, cos there is really only 2 reasons you need a husband …

1 To blame things on …

2 to take the garbage out ..

So why on earth would you go looking for 1 other than for this  ? I mean he is a tease , a torment, and I want to kick his butt 3times a day at least , lol, but now  I have him , spose  I will just have to keep him …Mind you if anyone wants him …make me an offer  I cant turn down ….Giggles ..hes going to love this  ..* falls over laughing here  * 

So when we finally get ourselves  into Australia ,  it is going to be  tuff ,so having him around might be handy at that , lol, need someone to blame after all ………

Is Great Britain Still Great ??

Is Great Britain  Still Great ? ….In a word …let me explain..

Number 1

It has a government that is made up of people who seem to be unable to even govern  the country by themselves. Hence an extremely  dangerous  man , about to be let out of jail  is to be allowed to live in a country he has every intention of terrorising .He will without doubt organise more terror attacks  the minute he is free . If the  UN is so determined this country can’t deport him , then send him to them , let them have him and the risk he poses.

Number 2 

It has a government  made up of all what we used to call ” toffee nosed ”  people , whos main aim it seems is to feather their own nests and to hell with anyone else. All done in the name of setting this country right  ..yeah right ..

Number 3

It has a government  so out of touch with real people all it can think of is to punish the very people who need help the most . the disabled , people who through no fault of their own  now need help. These people mostly have worked hard , and deserve help , then there are those who were born that way. The unemployed ( genuine ones )  there are some  who rort it unfortunately.  These are also people who have worked hard, but again through no fault of their own are now out of a job.

Number 4

It has a government that has decided that the country no longer needs to be defended , and  has gone out of its way to cut army ,navy , air force , till what’s left is just a joke ‘The police too have had the numbers cut right to the bone and is now about helpless ,as witnessed  by the riots  recently . The gang culture is now so out of hand they are almost having to go to war with them  to try and control it. This could not have happened if police numbers had been kept at decent levels.

Number 5 

It has a government intent on destroying totally the  NHS  , yes it needs work as it is so full now of doctors who just do not give a dam , and hospitals at breaking point . The things they plan will just play into the hands of the doctors who just love making you go back time and time again ,as each time you have to go back they make more money, they will love it. 

Number 6 

How can a country consider itself great  when it is deliberately  destroying the whole core of life from within ? It lets into the country  almost any one ,specifically illeagles  as it does not want to violate their “human rights”   so the people of this country have no say and lose jobs and housing to them .

How  can a country be great when  those of us  who come in correctly  with all proper paper work , having paid our way in are treated like crap ? and constantly lose out to the ones who have just landed here demanding their rights ??

Nuber 7  last …

How can a country be great when  you cannot even post a joke on a social media site like twitter  without getting arrested ? There is 1 man right now facing  trial over the silliest of things, it was a joke , now hes in court ,how does that make sense ?? Even I have had a jolt , made a joke from a funny site on twitter about the police did I get jumped on right away. Even had to explain it was just a joke ..So you tell me have I missed anything ? is there even a shadow of doubt this country is far from great any more .. Someone needs to do something and soon ..but do not ask me who …the country is going downhill so fast it is scary …