Is Great Britain Still Great ??

Is Great Britain  Still Great ? ….In a word …let me explain..

Number 1

It has a government that is made up of people who seem to be unable to even govern  the country by themselves. Hence an extremely  dangerous  man , about to be let out of jail  is to be allowed to live in a country he has every intention of terrorising .He will without doubt organise more terror attacks  the minute he is free . If the  UN is so determined this country can’t deport him , then send him to them , let them have him and the risk he poses.

Number 2 

It has a government  made up of all what we used to call ” toffee nosed ”  people , whos main aim it seems is to feather their own nests and to hell with anyone else. All done in the name of setting this country right  ..yeah right ..

Number 3

It has a government  so out of touch with real people all it can think of is to punish the very people who need help the most . the disabled , people who through no fault of their own  now need help. These people mostly have worked hard , and deserve help , then there are those who were born that way. The unemployed ( genuine ones )  there are some  who rort it unfortunately.  These are also people who have worked hard, but again through no fault of their own are now out of a job.

Number 4

It has a government that has decided that the country no longer needs to be defended , and  has gone out of its way to cut army ,navy , air force , till what’s left is just a joke ‘The police too have had the numbers cut right to the bone and is now about helpless ,as witnessed  by the riots  recently . The gang culture is now so out of hand they are almost having to go to war with them  to try and control it. This could not have happened if police numbers had been kept at decent levels.

Number 5 

It has a government intent on destroying totally the  NHS  , yes it needs work as it is so full now of doctors who just do not give a dam , and hospitals at breaking point . The things they plan will just play into the hands of the doctors who just love making you go back time and time again ,as each time you have to go back they make more money, they will love it. 

Number 6 

How can a country consider itself great  when it is deliberately  destroying the whole core of life from within ? It lets into the country  almost any one ,specifically illeagles  as it does not want to violate their “human rights”   so the people of this country have no say and lose jobs and housing to them .

How  can a country be great when  those of us  who come in correctly  with all proper paper work , having paid our way in are treated like crap ? and constantly lose out to the ones who have just landed here demanding their rights ??

Nuber 7  last …

How can a country be great when  you cannot even post a joke on a social media site like twitter  without getting arrested ? There is 1 man right now facing  trial over the silliest of things, it was a joke , now hes in court ,how does that make sense ?? Even I have had a jolt , made a joke from a funny site on twitter about the police did I get jumped on right away. Even had to explain it was just a joke ..So you tell me have I missed anything ? is there even a shadow of doubt this country is far from great any more .. Someone needs to do something and soon ..but do not ask me who …the country is going downhill so fast it is scary …



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