Just Who’s Fault Is This ??

Just who’s fault is it that  I am here  ? Sitting here freezing my assets off, and stirring  up my new husband .??

Lets look at this  ok..

1 Maybe it is my husband ,the man  who refused to ,errr to put it nicely , nick off when i told him to ? he persisted when anyone else would have given up and said ok .

I mean here  I was sitting at home in Australia , minding my own business ,doing whatever I wanted , chatting on irc, when in waltzed this pommie bloke , and started to talk to me in private , and no amount of telling him to go away worked. As I said to him your too young . too fat,too bald , and nothing that I want in a man .After all I wasn’t even looking for 1 had finished with them .Since found out  he stes his mind to something , then that  something gets done.

2 Or is it the long time irc friend who had been away then came back and found out about me and  Rick. 1st  question  he asked was , have you met in real life  ? As the answer was no he said ok dont go away I will be right back. He returns about 10 mins later and says check your e ..mail. , I did so only to find a 1st class return ticket to London waiting there for me . We were absolutely stunned ( thanks  Ramage ) lol  I think..

3.Or is it my own fault ( nahh never  ..lol )

I could have said no , can’t accept this its way too much ,could have just plodded on ,and tried to work it out  by myself. As you know they say , never  look a gift horse in the mouth, so I didnt and here  I am ..

Here I am with a man who loves me to bits ,will do anything for me ,and on who I have come to rely more than ever , not something  I do very easily . We are now working on getting ourselves to Australia to live ,and it takes ages but will be worth it .

So after all it seems it is a combination of all of these things , all working together to gang up on me , lol, cos there is really only 2 reasons you need a husband …

1 To blame things on …

2 to take the garbage out ..

So why on earth would you go looking for 1 other than for this  ? I mean he is a tease , a torment, and I want to kick his butt 3times a day at least , lol, but now  I have him , spose  I will just have to keep him …Mind you if anyone wants him …make me an offer  I cant turn down ….Giggles ..hes going to love this  ..* falls over laughing here  * 

So when we finally get ourselves  into Australia ,  it is going to be  tuff ,so having him around might be handy at that , lol, need someone to blame after all ………

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