What Sort Of Joke Is This ?

Let me start by saying I had no intention of doing another blog just yet, but what happened today made me so mad, so incensed I couldn’t  wait.

We went today to the hospital to see my OH’s  dad , who has a very aggressive  cancer , he was put  in hospital yesterday ,after waiting for over 5 hrs  for a Dr to even see him. then finally they decide to admit him . good thing you would think for a man so very sick,.WRONG !!! Went to see him today and he’s  looking very frail , very weak , which is to be expected with what he has. What  happened while we were there was  not expected, he has an intravenous drip in to try keep his fluid balance right, as his blood pressure keeps dropping.For a start the drip is in the wrong place as every time he moves his right arm , and he is right handed the alarm goes off, BUT, and here is what made me so bloody angry , did the nurses come and fix it? did they move the drip ? NO , at one stage that alarm as well as the call the nurse alarm went on for over 10 mins  and did anyone come to see what was wrong ?? you gussed it  NO. 

So when did they come  ? When I went out to the nurses station and yelled at them  and said , what is the use of having a bloody alarm on a patient if you are not going to take any notice of it ??? There are 2 alarms going off in there and  not 1 of them came to sort it, they were too busy talking in the passage. Now  I do understand that nurses are overworked, yes  I do, but an alarm is a very different thing it means you go NOW!!! You do not ignore it so long that the relatives go out and yell at you. What happened the next time it went off? did they come fix it? Mover the drip site  ?? You guessed it  NO they didn’t , how did the alarm get fixed this time? We fixed it  , we did their job for them . This is just not acceptable, in any shape or form.

So this is how  the government intends to “reform” the  NHS  the  DWP  the DLA ? they are going to kill the off, its easier to let them all die than to look after them .

1st  the  NHS it is a shambles I for 1 refuse point blank any more to go near a doctor here  ,as yet again they have bloody lost my blood test results . After having already made  the injuries to my back worse by sheer incompetence  , and having been in turn ignored/ sneered at by so called doctors I have had a gutfull .But after what happened to a very sick and defenceless old man today I am disgusted

2nd The DWP will find any reason it can to deny or cut off any pension they can to save money, regardless of what happens to the person involved..

3rd and MOST important , Suddenly out of the blue people  who have no hope what ever of getting better are being told after 12 months  magically  they are better !! Wow !! how cool is that !! But sorry to say it does not work that way , so what becomes of them  ? How are they supposed to live  ? 

Is this country going back to  a  Feudal society ? Where those who have just  tell those who haven’t  what they will get ?? That they will take what’s given and like it ??

2 thoughts on “What Sort Of Joke Is This ?

  1. The whole system is falling apart, it is horrific for relatives to watch people they care about being treated in this way. You had every right to get mad and to insist he be given the respect, dignity and care he should be getting. There are those of us that will go on fighting for the rights of those that are unable to fight for themselves for as long as it takes. Your not alone.

  2. They can try all they like Hun but there are people like you and I that will shout out from the rooftops how wrong this all is and keep shouting, we may never get heard but we sure as hell won’t go quietly!

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