Beyond Anger ..

Ever been so angry  that your body temperature goes right up ? Goes up so high you have to go outside with next to nothing on to bring it down ? Well right now  I am that angry , more than I have been in a very long time.

Let me explain , once again we went to the hospital to see  FIL , who is terminally ill with cancer , once again I find  he is not being cared for in the way he needs . I have nursed  someone with terminal cancer before ( my late husband ) so make no mistake  I know what  I am talking about . He was left with a tray full of sandwiches,tea,soup,biscuits,sweets,mousse, you name it , its there . Now and ,here’s the fun bit, no one has bothered to see if he in fact can feed himself, he cant, his hands shake so much he cant make it to his mouth. Does anyone know this  ? you guessed it , no they do not , so once again  I feed him his mousse and some of his cup of tea. He was more than willing to have them , but just couldn’t make his hands  work for him .Add this to the fact that I had to buy him a round ring pillow so he could sit on that and his bed sores would be off the mattress , the donut shape of it should have given them the clue as to how to use it for him. i.e. sit him in the middle so his sore bottom does not touch the bed. So what do i find ? every day I go in its in the wrong place or in the drawer because they cannot work out how to use it  , I mean how hard is it  ??

Today I go to talk to a nurse and see if I can get some help, I  ask a nurse  can I speak to you for a moment  please  ? No she says and takes off , I just stood there mouth open , and this is what poor dad has looking after him  ?? It is a total and utter disgrace ,and the  Government wants to fix it  ? from what to what  ? From  appalling to not quite appalling ?? I bet anything you like that they would never ever let a member of their family be treated this way ., but they expect us to be, .There is no way on earth that I should have to go in every day to nurse him ,when that is what they are supposedly paid for.If it comes to it I will take him to his own home and nurse him myself , it is just too much to bear seeing this type of thing day after day .Will move in with him if  I have to will not take any more of this shit much longer I promise you .

The people I blame most for this fiasco and  who are indirectly responsible are not the people who voted these people in , but the ones who were too bloody lazy to go and vote . They  were too lazy to take an interest in the running of their own country and now those who can least defend themselves are copping it. If you are 1 of the lazy ones who didn’t vote , pat yourselves on the back , your the ones doing this to us  ..



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