Dignity …what does it mean to you ? Does it mean that at certain times in your  life you deserve to be treated with it ?  With respect  ? With kindness ?

Picture this then , you are dying ,with only weeks or so left to live, your in hospital , helpless cannot do the most simple things any more .Everything you have always been able to do you now cannot do,not even feed yourself .It is heart breaking…

Now this to me ,and please correct me if I am wrong ,is the very time  that dignity and respect should be yours …right  ?

Wrong if your in an NHS hospital , where you are left to fend for yourself for hours on end, where the bed clothes don’t even cover your modesty for long periods of time . Where food that you and  your family have repeatedly   told staff you cannot eat  , is dumped on your table and your  left with it,so no food for you again . Then the nursing staff ( what a joke they are )  complain that you are not eating or drinking enough , oh right , so all the telling the staff that you cannot manage alone  ?? where did that info get to ? who passed it on ?? No one that’s  who ..Where even tho you have alarms attached  to you , when they go off, no one comes ,so if you are lucky , family or friend is there to forcibly get someone  to help. These people also  know you are dying ,they have been told.

Not enough nurses , too many patients , too much stress on an overloaded system ,no time to talk to each other. also far too many  who are just too greedy and are just in it for the money ,and when approached by family for help snap at you and refuse to help. So no correlation of information, no one knows what the hell is going on with any patient. Sad to say not even the doctors seem to be any more informed .Having said all that you do sometimes ( very rare ) find a nurse who loves her job and is dam good at it , we have only found 1 maybe 2 in all the time FIL has been in hospital. 

So then, where is the dignity in this? How would you feel if it was your mother,brother, sister ,father ,grand parent ? Any of the people you love  ? Would you like to go into the hospital with dread each day wondering what you will find  next ? Then find your loved one in tears because they can no longer function ,no longer do things they have taken for granted all this time . Is this Dignity ? or Respect ? Have these things gone out of our lives so much that no one even cares enough ??Wondering how much of what the nurses should have done and have not that you will then have to do. Finding your loved one out in a chair in awful discomfort  because they have been dumped out in the chair and just left there for hours and just want to go back to bed. We have had to put  FIL  back to bed, feed him, give him a drink, far too many times. I am left wondering when will the time come when I can visit him and be able to just sit and hold his hand ( which he loves)  rather than be doing  the job the nurses are supposed to be doing  ..

Dignity and Respect ….where have they gone ?

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