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Let’s Get This Show On The Road

Right time indeed to get this show on the road  …

What show  you ask ? The finally leave London show  and go home to Australia show , that’s the 1 ,after a lot of trouble , hold ups and downright interference it is on !! Only 3 years late , but better  late than never  !!  right  ??

We  finally leave here on the 27th of  August  at 12 midday , this has been a very long time coming for us for reasons for this read back , some of my other blogs cover it . We are both so excited  I cannot tell you , me because finally I am going home ,my Oh because he has never been there before  and is so looking forward to it . Now all we got to do is sell everything we have to pay for it all lol… but that’s better than trying to pack it  or send it on .

My time here in the  UK  has been challenging to say the least , but having said that it has also been amazing .There are so many lovely places to see here ,also heritage buildings , and museums ,and the  London Eye amazing. The centre of London is something else too, it has a spark all of it’s own.

There are some people I will surely miss , 1 of them I nick named ” Trouble  ”  lol you know who you are ,this lady has been a lovely friend who I first met  on Twitter  . Also have met some other lovely ladies  2 of whom came to our wedding . Then there is the  Twitter Formation Drinking  Team , lol, that has a  mad penguin, a cheeky clown, a meerkat , a cheeky chinese lawyer , and countless others ,we have had some great times with these a lot of fun .These piss ups as we call them will be missed , but going home is the plan and we will be sticking to it.

In my time here have seen a lot of things happen 1 of which has really saddened me , this being the way the country seems now to be a place that is run by the rich for the rich. Not lucky enough to be rich ? then your in big trouble ,even more so if you are old or disabled . Just in the last few months we have seen people who cannot defend themselves have what little they do have taken off them , or reduced to almost nothing . While this is going on , if you are here you can guess, the rich are getting what’s being taken off the poor. Getting it in tax breaks above and beyond, also bonuses that are just unreal , and any other thing the  Eaton Old Boys Club , as it’s now being called and not the  Government  can think of to help the rich.Sucking up to the EU is helping nicely in this. Oh  has started  saying in the last few months  “This is not my country any more ”  I agree it has changed so much and not for the good.

Not saying for 1 minute that Australia is not doing a similar thing, it most likely is, but not having been there for 5 years I do not know for sure , but would not be surprised .Seems all countries are going  down the same path .

Getting back to the main show , lol, trying to sort things out ,what to sell ,what to ship , what to take with us , eeeep!! what a job !! , lol, just as well we work well together , well we do when I kick him up the butt to get him moving .Going to try and see as many of our twitter friends as possible that live here before we go ,also going to try and go to a few places  to see people as well, this will only happen if we can sell all our stuff .Money is going to be very tight indeed if we can’t  sell our stuff . 

So now that we have the visa for Oh ,the tickets , it is onward and upward , to a fresh start back in Australia , will be great to see my family again , have missed them so much I cannot say . Also being  back in a country that knows how to do hot weather  !!! lol .. sorry babe , but I have missed my  heat !!!

So anyone want to buy a car or 2  ? lol UK  of course  ..or some furniture,clothes,books,DVD’s, household goods ?? if  so please help !! 

Anyway further updates will be forthcoming  as we have them , pray for us, wish us luck , what ever  , lol, just be there for us as we venture out ….

When God asks what you’ve done with your life, don’t say “Didn’t you read my tweets?”

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Only at our place ..

Only at our place  ..Can a 5 minute job take anything up to 30+ minutes , because  me ( the bossy boots )  lol is trying to do ,something  silly like the dishes , but him  ( the oh ) or as  I call him the menace  is busy finding excuses to walk past me so he can grope me. Sheeesh  men can be such a  pest at times , times like this  ,they never learn

Only at our place can 1 of us start a job ,and without  being asked the other will go and help out to get finished sooner. Or be doing something they thought they could do alone but find it a bit more of a challenge than they thought ,so the other  just helps .

Only at our place can we sit for hours ,saying  nothing to each other ,but not feeling stressed ,or nervous about this , but being totally comfortable and at ease with each other . Words are not always needed , half the time we  know what each other is thinking anyway ,so relaxed we don’t need to talk. All that  may be heard is the  occasional burst of giggling from 1 or the other as we wind someone up on twitter or facebook, this is a great sport and releases tension.

Only at our place can we snuggle up on the lounge and sit together watching tv , and just talking, again so relaxed with each other  we do not need to talk .During these last few months our life has been so full of stress and unhappiness , but always we had each other to talk to, to hold ,to cry with.

Only at our place do we have 1 of us who is a hoarder ( the menace ) lol and 1 of us who has more sense, and says if you haven’t seen or used something in 6 months then it is time to ditch it. Man it is going to be fun sorting our stuff out for the big move ( I foresee trouble ) lol  the menace might get his butt kicked at some point.

Only at our place do we also have a procrastinator , you guessed it ( the menace )  and 1 of us who says there is a job to be done ,get it done then relax, lol, that is much more better in any language .Wish i had a quid for all the times  I have had to kick his butt to get something done (and again this morning ) I would be rich by now  , and boy oh boy  could we use it now .

Only at our place ,simply because there is love and trust and friendship ,and when these things live in any relationship then it has to be good .With these things, then ,when the troubles come you have each other ,and you do not need a whole lot more .We are so glad and happy that we finally were able to get married , only thing is …lol .. now I gotta take the menace with me when  I go home , got told  I am stuck with it now …*mutter *grumble* lol

Only at our place  ?? I certainly hope not, hope that there are many, many more places that have the same love/trust/friendship that we have. can’t live with em ….and they won’t let ya shoot em …bloody spoilsports…Giggles..,,love ya really  ya big menace  …xoxox