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British Doctors Part 2

I am doing another part to this for a couple of reasons ..

1. I have since found out there is at least 1 very caring , English speaking doctor in the UK that I have been made aware of. Trouble is he is in Scotland and  I am not , which is a shame as i would have loved to go to him .He sounds a really caring man .

2 As  I said in part 1 of this , I have been very sick but could not get any help whatever from any doctor ,and in 5 years have not found 1 British  1 . Could not even get some simple tests done that I badly needed  to help me .

3 I am over weight and   it happened quite suddenly , and no , not because  I eat too much ( for those who are so sure that people are only fat because they are pigs )  by my own research and help from Australia , I soon found out what I was almost 100% sure of . As it was impossible to get the tests done that were needed  , I  decided I would treat myself and hope for the best.

4 The reason for the sudden increase ,and the absolute failure to get it to shift again , as I now know is ,I have  Celiacs Disease , or Type O Syndrome , which is a mirror of Celiacs, both are genetic and ,as in my case  often do not show up for years . This is called late onset.  For those who have been so rude to me over my weight please feel free to Google  Celiacs , then if you have the gutz   apologise  to me ( won’t hold my breath )

Since  I made this decision to treat myself and go Gluten free , my reckoning is that so far  I have lost a stone  , and that  in just over a week . I no longer have the stomach pains, or the bloat , even feel more awake and not forever  fighting  fatigue . So am now looking forward to shedding the rest , happy that now  I finally know why I suddenly got fat , and  how to remove it .Amazed that I got results this soon, did not expect that .

So next time you see someone who you think is fat , do not just assume they eat like pigs , as you are quite likely to be very wrong , as in my case. The cause goes back generations as it is genetic and hereditary . It is so very stressful when something  is wrong and you do not know what it is , worse  even when you cannot get the help you need . Had  I been able to get the help and tests  I needed , I could have started this years ago as gluten free food is readily available . Also it will help my self esteem and my back ,not to have to carry this weight ,am delighted that results are happening so soon after going on this plan.

The reason I had no idea about this was that I had a mother , that when you asked her a question about health or hereditary things would only comment ” it’s got nothing to do with you ” but the silly woman was so wrong ,and we have had to find out the hard way , not only about that but glaucoma as well . So I made a point to tell my children everything  I knew , as it does effect them too. You cannot protect yourself from something you do not know about .

So I urge all parents to tell their children all of the medical history they  need to know to live as full and as happy a life as it is possible. They cannot do this if they do not have the information .

Feed a fever… starve a cold… I have a cold and I’m running a temperature… now what? –

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British Doctors

British doctors  ?? now where exactly do they hide them ?? in 5 years I have not seen any. Except on TV ,and those do nothing in the real world . Australian doctors  ? from what i have found out , not allowed to practise here as  ” they would take British jobs” 

Let us explore this , I know I am over weight , I know I have tried everything known to man to lose it but nothing will shift it ,have put myself in hospital trying to make it shift.  so in the 5 years I have had ,

1 doctor straight out ridicule me ,when I told him what I thought it was , that was all he did.

2nd doctor was not 1 bit interested , but did try to tell me how to use my eye drops for glaucoma  (that I had been using for many years ) when exactly did he become an eye specialist ? Also straight out lied to me over the drops I need .

3rd doctor only said well maybe your body likes to be that size ( yeah right ) 

4th doctor again not 1 bit of interest as to to why I was over weight …

5th doctor , after finally I  found out what may be the problem, and lets face it no one wants to be over weight  , I sure don,t, and as  I am getting sicker all the time , need to fix it . My  daughter told me she had just been diagnosed with something I had , until  then never heard of , and urged me to get blood tests . So against better judgement , going on  what had happened before , off i went . The doctors only comment  ?? ohh  I don’t know anything about that . So had the blood tests , next was to be an endoscopy  if the blood tests proved what I suspected . Went back to doctor , only to have him tell me what I already knew  , heart/lungs/liver/kidneys/blood count   were all perfect. The result I was really needing  ?? they bloody lost it ,was so bloody angry have not been back since, made the decision not to go near any other bloody doctor till I get home ( can’t come quick enough ) and well see a real doctor..

All the ones I have seen here can not even speak  English properly , let alone understand it, a so called specialist flat out never asked about my weight , and  flat out refused to believe a woman could get a groin hernia , I got it landscaping , and had , had it repaired once before I came here . Also I had  ( still have ) back and neck injuries from a car accident . So his refusal to believe me that I had a groin hernia made it all worse, as it caused me to walk tilted to the side , and my back just couldn’t handle it , and was effectively  re – injured it. What he did was to send me for a CT scan , which was the total wrong scan to do for the groin. So after keeping me waiting for months ,making my back worse he came up with nothing . 

So off to yet another specialist who thankfully knew what I was talking about , correctly examined me and diagnosed me, problem fixed within 6-7 weeks ,not 4months waiting for the wrong scan results, doing even more damage to my back.

When I  came here , back pain was under control , was in full time work , then the  groin re tore , as can happen I now know . So that 1st so called specialist , not only caused me months of pain  for nothing , but in the end also lost me my job .These days even walking is living hell as the pain is so much worse .

So someone please tell me where , other than on  TV there are any British Doctors ?I know of people who were born here who have no idea where there are any . Does this make any sense  to anyone  ? 

So with that in mind, and knowing the appalling way my much loved  FIL was treated in 1 of the hospitals before he died , I have since cancelled my cataract  treatment , and will leave that till  I get home too.

At my sisters urging as I am very sick , I have decided to take things into my own hands  and start treating myself , with the hope it will not  make it worse, but  I cannot go on feeling this sick, having this much pain . She says I really need to or I will be too sick to travel, she maybe right ,so without the correct diagnosis ,based on a 90% probability  that I know what’s wrong I will start as from now .

So if anyone does know ( highly unlikely ) of a British Doctor please feel free to pass this on , and tell them thanks for  nothing ..

Very first thing  I will do  when  I get home is to go to a real doctor and get things sorted , the ones here have proved without doubt they are only in it for the money and do not give a s**t about anyone. My sister (bless her ) has already  sorted that out for me , and is just hoping I will be ok to make it home  .

My doctor told me that I had to give up drinking. It’s been 2 days and I’m getting dehydrated…

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