British Doctors Part 2

I am doing another part to this for a couple of reasons ..

1. I have since found out there is at least 1 very caring , English speaking doctor in the UK that I have been made aware of. Trouble is he is in Scotland and  I am not , which is a shame as i would have loved to go to him .He sounds a really caring man .

2 As  I said in part 1 of this , I have been very sick but could not get any help whatever from any doctor ,and in 5 years have not found 1 British  1 . Could not even get some simple tests done that I badly needed  to help me .

3 I am over weight and   it happened quite suddenly , and no , not because  I eat too much ( for those who are so sure that people are only fat because they are pigs )  by my own research and help from Australia , I soon found out what I was almost 100% sure of . As it was impossible to get the tests done that were needed  , I  decided I would treat myself and hope for the best.

4 The reason for the sudden increase ,and the absolute failure to get it to shift again , as I now know is ,I have  Celiacs Disease , or Type O Syndrome , which is a mirror of Celiacs, both are genetic and ,as in my case  often do not show up for years . This is called late onset.  For those who have been so rude to me over my weight please feel free to Google  Celiacs , then if you have the gutz   apologise  to me ( won’t hold my breath )

Since  I made this decision to treat myself and go Gluten free , my reckoning is that so far  I have lost a stone  , and that  in just over a week . I no longer have the stomach pains, or the bloat , even feel more awake and not forever  fighting  fatigue . So am now looking forward to shedding the rest , happy that now  I finally know why I suddenly got fat , and  how to remove it .Amazed that I got results this soon, did not expect that .

So next time you see someone who you think is fat , do not just assume they eat like pigs , as you are quite likely to be very wrong , as in my case. The cause goes back generations as it is genetic and hereditary . It is so very stressful when something  is wrong and you do not know what it is , worse  even when you cannot get the help you need . Had  I been able to get the help and tests  I needed , I could have started this years ago as gluten free food is readily available . Also it will help my self esteem and my back ,not to have to carry this weight ,am delighted that results are happening so soon after going on this plan.

The reason I had no idea about this was that I had a mother , that when you asked her a question about health or hereditary things would only comment ” it’s got nothing to do with you ” but the silly woman was so wrong ,and we have had to find out the hard way , not only about that but glaucoma as well . So I made a point to tell my children everything  I knew , as it does effect them too. You cannot protect yourself from something you do not know about .

So I urge all parents to tell their children all of the medical history they  need to know to live as full and as happy a life as it is possible. They cannot do this if they do not have the information .

Feed a fever… starve a cold… I have a cold and I’m running a temperature… now what? –

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