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I wish I had known …

I wish I had known  before it was too late to do anything about it ,that this is possibly the very worst area of the  UK to live. Had  I known when  something could have been done about it ,would soon have gotten us to a better location . As it stands because of where we are , it is yet again going to bite me , I cannot sell anything , because the people of this area want everything for nothing, caring not 1 jot about how much it hurts you in so doing. Caring not at all that what they want for nothing  might even be brand new or close to it , it seems this place is the capitol of  greed in this country . 

This area is a place where even after 5 years of going to the same 2 pubs , not 1 person says hello when we go in ,not 1 person in either place has even tried to be friendly. This place is just full of people who are only for  me,me.,me, and no one else matters ,they will rip you off,dob you in , or anything else they can if they get something out of it. This place is full of mean spirited,very  selfish people who’s only thought is , what can we do to make life hell for anyone else .Have heard of places like this but never experienced it , now have become everything I was never  before .Rarely go out at all ,especially on my own ,as the times I have done have usually  ended up with me being physically hurt, as I get shoved out of the way because I can no longer walk very well or fast .I have become next best thing to a hermit , to stop from being hurt ,even when I go out with hubby he has a full time job trying to keep me safe .It is as though they have to do everything at break neck speed and if your in the way then tough you get shoved out of it .

When I first came here ,we had a dream , for me to work  a couple of years, get married ,then I would take hubby with me and we would go home . When I first came here ,although already having a bad back ,it was manageable ,and I was able to start my part of the bargain and went right into full time work ,and at times  was doing up to 42 hrs some weeks . I also had money in the bank and no bills ..        Loved the work and most of the people I worked with ,and things were on track till I had a medical problem crop up ( covered in blog no. 1 )  then it was all hell from there …We did have a few really lovely times but they are few and far between.

All the lovely people we have met from twitter have made some of the pain  bearable , but they are all over the other side of town ,so we do not see them much . Some of them made our wedding earlier this year so much fun , I can not thank them enough ,we had a ball, was the funniest wedding I ever went to. 

Wish I had known ,how this place is perceived  by others too, we sometimes go over there to have drinks with the others but as it is so far away from here in entails a hotel stay as well so is more expensive for us. Have lost count of the times I have tried to get them and others to come have drinks with us but so far no one has, they know what area we live in so will not come here , I no longer ask, just go over there when the money can be found .

So now ,finally, we are going home ,and I am going home ,and I am going home more than  likely with no money ,and a credit card and overdraft I have never had before . The money from selling our  stuff was supposed to be what would  pay all those off , but now it will  not happen that way. As no matter what we try we cannot sell a perfectly good car, or furniture or household items or anything , that would have finalised all that before we left . I am also having bad stress problems ,as I have never ever met with such greed and hostility from so many people before. 

So  in short , I go home with bills, a back totally ruined now , all my money gone that I came here with ,and such dreadful treatment from the so called doctors in this area  that even walking is very painful ,so of course I lost my job. 

I can hardly wait for the time to come when we go , so I can show hubby how people are supposed to be with each other, and that family  do love and support you . When  you go to the pubs or other places you make friends easy ,as the people are not so  enclosed in their own little world to the exclusion of all else.We hope to try and see some of  the people who have proved to be so nice before we go , but who knows if it will be possible if we just can not afford it ,will just have to see what happens.

So in short had I had an inkling of how bad this area is ,would have made sure we moved  to a better area ,and  maybe things would have been very different . We  would have seen a better side of this country maybe , but as stated in my last blog , even hubby says ,this is not my country any more, as it has changed so very much in the 5 years I have been here . 

I like to pay my bills with a smile but most of my creditors prefer cash…..