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Twitter why ?

Twitter why ?

According to a so called celeb on tv here ,anyone who uses that or any other social networking site , is a moron, low iq , generally useless . Twice now she has made terrible comments about people who use Twitter especially .

While she  was busy making these statements ,did she ever try to find out  who actually used these sites  ? Of course not ,she is way too selfish for that ,to up herself  to even consider the  (little people )

So let me tell her about who uses Twitter and Facebook.

I  know personally of some  who do , who are lovely people , I have since met in real life . They are  , like me disabled, not able to go out all the time , but like to keep the mind active , I do go out sometimes but not often as the pain is too much. Also I know of people who use it to look for work, you never know when someone will tweet about a job vacancy . There  are also professional people on Twitter , so if its only for the morons as she put it, what about the doctors,the lawyers,the professors, the teachers , etc ? are they morons too.?

So why does using twitter make  people less intelligent? Does using it to make friends, have a giggle pass the time when you cannot get out  make you a moron ? How about the fact that it is the very best place to be to keep up with what,s  going on in the world , when more often than not  Twitter has news before the tv channels  have it and broadcast it , you often know things long before  they tell you .

There is only so much television you can watch, only so many times you can watch a DVD before you can recite it  ( yes I can recite a lot )  only so many times you can read , then re – read a book no matter how much you love it  . So to go by her standard I am still a moron because  I  love going on twitter , yes some people do the wrong thing on it, and yes some people take things the wrong way , but all in all it does more good than bad .Even the games I play become boring too  after a while.

So I would like her to come  and see the real people , the people who use Twitter all the time, and tell them that because  they are disabled,  they are morons ,what else does she suggest I do ? I cannot go out much as pain prevents as I said before , and there are many others in the exact same position  and worse than me. So what else would she have me do to keep my sanity  ? to keep up with world events  ? to make new friends ? Is she so full of herself  that she really cannot see the real people  ?

She recently started  being on a panel  show  I used to love and watch every day  , now after those statements I never watch it  as she is on it ,and does not deserve my support . Have no idea why , all of a sudden a few of the others  who were on the panel left , whether  they left by  themselves or were asked to go, but it really spoilt the show , more so when she started coming on, now I never watch it.  So thank you very much for spoiling a very good show , and Mz JSP , you ever want to return to the real world , get in touch , you called a lot of people who do not deserve it  morons, it is not their fault they are disabled, un employed  or stuck home for  another reason.  Let me show you all the good uses Twitter and Facebook can be , rather than belittling  something you know nothing about, get some facts first ok ?

I don’t write jokes…. I just watch the government and report the facts.


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