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Not Fit For Purpose

I have not blogged  for a while ,as most of you know I have had a lot of other stuff  going on , some of which has lead to this particular  blog..

We recently finally left the UK and moved back to Australia, my husband , who has never been here before was so excited to be coming  here ,and I was to be coming home at last . What we never expected ,me especially was the way things had changed over here in just such a short time , 5 years is not that long , but the changes have been terrible and shocked me .

First off through no fault of ours  we got here to our new flat with no money left after securing it ,and paying bond  etc. No money for furniture ,and barely enough for any food. Here is where the rot set in, kept being told you will be fine the charities will help you , so with that in mind I started asking them ,all I needed was a bed as my back is so bad now sleeping on the floor was just not on. …

Enter the charities , the 1st 1 Angel care …would not even let us in the door and would not talk to us without an appointment ….

2nd..1 The Mission ..quite pleasant but would not help , just referred us to Vinnies.

3rd ..1 St Vincent De Paul … Well rang them on Friday to be told , oh we cant help you now its Friday its out of office  hours ..I pleaded with her to at least get a bed to me or a mattress as my back was in no state to sleep on the floor , sorry call again Monday. Call again Monday only to be told , oh cant help you today , its our meeting day  ,again I pleaded  as by now my pain was so bad I was crying , had been sleeping on the floor. We will see tomorrow was the reply , so Tuesday at 8pm  no less after yet another day sitting and or sleeping on the floor they show up. They see the state I am in as the pain by now too much, they take notes give us a food voucher  and leave. Next day they turn up with a 2 seater couch, some odd crockery and cutlery,etc. A bed  ? yes a bed but no mattress , huh ?? no mattress? when that was the only thing I had ever asked them for ??? what nonsense is this .??

So to avoid being totally crippled we just knew we had to get a bed so we bought 1, it was on credit card , still to be paid back so thanks for nothing …

4th..1 Salvation Army …Rang them be told , you must come down to see us, told them it was physically impossible as by now I could barely walk to the toilet pain was so bad  . Pleaded with them for at least a bed, (this was before we bought it )  as the floor was killing me.. Answer you have to come here ,and even though I was in tears of  pain yet again , they would not even talk to me on the phone, nothing is done over the phone.

So you tell me which of these so called charities is fit for purpose ?? After the way I was treated and the absolute lack of any caring or understanding I think everyone of them should be shut down as not fit for purpose . After all is it not their job to give aid, to help people in trouble, to care  ?? I saw none of this , all I got was the cold shoulder and more or less told , if you are going to have an emergency , make sure it suits us , as to time and place , otherwise forget it .

If we are working for someone and do not do our jobs then what ? We get sacked, easy as, but these so called charities  , who are supposedly there to help do not care 1 bit , so should all be shut down, all they care about is lining their own pockets ..

If not fit for purpose then what use are they  ???

While the optimist and the pessimist argued over the glass… I, the opportunist drank the water……

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