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How have we become so Gullible ??

How have we become so Gullible?  What makes us such easy prey to charlatans ??

1st We have people who tell us , we must read our stars every day or bad things will happen. We were born under such and such a sign so we must always do what the stars tell us. There is hardly a site on the internet these days that is free of these  star sign publishing . There are so many people who will not even get out of bed till they read them , nor leave the house .

2nd, We have people who insist that if a person has the wrong eye shape , or their skin is the wrong colour they are inferior. The mighty white man must protect  themselves from anyone who is not just like them . What makes the white man think he,s better anyway ? We are the colour and shape we are by birth, its not our choice.

3rd. We have the disabled, who 99 times out of 100 did  not do anything to become like this ,some are like it through birth,accident, genetics , illness, what  ever the reason they did not ask for it .They did not ask to be blind,deaf, crippled , whatever ,but they are like it  .

4th. Then we have this stupidity that 1 day is a bad luck day ( Fri. 13th )  or that another is a good luck day , or that the world will end on a certain day , or if they have  a wedding on a certain day then they will have good luck, or if on another date  it will be bad luck. When did we become so gullible as to attach luck to days or dates  ??

5th. Then we have the people who will not live at a house or flat because it has the wrong number ,or they will move because someone suddenly convinced them  that the street they live in is un lucky or the number is wrong .

So when did we become so gullible that  we believe  the people who tell us they can tell our future,speak to the dead,what we must do every day ? For a start they are all charlatans preying on the gullible , God clearly states that only he knows our future ,and he tells us when we die our soul returns to him, so how exactly can anyone talk to them once they have died? How have we put ourselves under such bondage that we actually pay money to these liars and cheats ?

When did we start believing that just because a person is not exactly  the same as us , they are inferior ? What difference can it possibly make to anything at all what colour a person is? what shape his eyes are ? We all bleed the same ,its all red blood, and we all go to the toilet the exact same way  ?? I have always believed that it is what a person is inside that counts not what he looks like.

Which brings us to the disabled, I am sorry to say that they are being more and more discriminated against  , ignored , left for dead sometimes. So is it their fault they are like this  ? Was it them who decided they would be born blind, or deaf , or that they would go have an accident so they could be like that ? Or that they would get an illness that would leave its mark ??

So how did we get like this? How did we let ourselves fall prey to these liars and cheats  ? It is because we live in a world now that  is only all about money , nothing else matters , money is the  God of this world. I have seen time and again countries sold out , people sold out all for the almighty dollar. That is bad enough but for us to willingly go and pay money to rip off merchants  who are only in for money , as they know only too well they are lying ,they know they can no more see the future/talk to the dead than a cat can , but they tell people they can in such a way they are believed ,and they make it all sound so good.

* sigh * Is there any hope for man  ?? If they can so easily be fooled into believing  this rubbish  I doubt  it very much …wake up people  before its too late, put your money in your pocket and stop listening to these cheating  sods .

ACTUAL NEWSPAPER HEADLINE: Lack Of Brains Hinders Research – Columbus Dispatch…..Exactly  my point ..

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