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Pain ? What do 99%  of people know about real pain ? To them its just,ok  got a bit of pain ,take a pill or 3 end of pain , end of problem. …

What if it is more than that ?  What if its way more than that  ? So bad a pill or 3 will not fix it  ? So bad that it is there 24/7  You get almost no sleep so are tired all the time  , and every move hurts like hell ? What then ? what about every day things  ?

You get out of bed after what is laughingly called sleep, but is actually  a small time of being unconscious  because your brain says enough  I need a break. So you get up , try to get  dressed and organised for the day , just doing that much has you close to tears  but you do it. Then you get breakfast, get your hubby sorted for work, then sort out what you need to do for the day  . So he goes off ,after doing all he can in the time he has before he has to go .

Then you have  washing , dishes,  vacuming , cleaning , etc to get done  , because you don,t like to leave your place dirty and its not fair to leave it for hubby you grit your teeth and get it done , with many tears often, but you do it. You do it because you love your man and it is the right thing to do.

Why am I going back over this ? For  a very good reason , we went out the other day , got on a bus , and a woman with a screaming kid  on it , made  my pain  so bad when added to what I already have to live with , I did what I should never do , got off and walked , the pain was  so bad with the screaming added, it was slightly better for me to walk it. I still do not know if I am doing the right thing pushing myself to walk so much , its hard to say as the  pain level remains the same.

The woman was totally uninterested  in what the constant screaming of her kid was doing to any one else , she had no concept of cause and effect . Never occurred to her  that she should have a little consideration for others  and what that noise might be doing to them . Just because there is nothing to see , no crutches , no wheel chair, no walking stick  , does that mean there is no pain ? So many times when  I go out either alone or with hubby , I come across people who are so wound up in themselves they have no thought for others .

I see this every time  I go out , even just walking  down the road , they are in such a rush they will not even wait for a traffic light to change . What will happen honestly  if they had to wait for just a minute or 2  ? Would it stop ? would they drop dead ? Or is it because they want to throw their lives away  to be finished with it ? What can be that important ? Are their lives so bad ?? I often get pushed out of the way because  I am silly enough to believe life is special , and not to be thrown away , its a gift from God , it is his to take , not mine to throw away  .So I wait for the lights to change , then I cross.

I know there are many , many  people like me who have constant pain , who also like me , when you look at them , you see nothing to indicate  there is pain . So how do we get people to just have a tiny bit of consideration  for other people ? Or am I  dreaming now? Is  consideration for others not taught anymore  ?  To be fair tho  it is not just the young who do this , sad to say even older people now are just about as bad  . So from someone in constant pain , to you who read this , please ,please try to help , do not make it any harder , but try to help ,surprise someone , it is not hard  to be nice  …

A conference is a gathering of important people who singly can do nothing but together can decide that nothing can be done…


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Wow !! What A Ride !!!

Wow what a ride the last 12 months have been , if you had told me what the year  held for me at the beginning , I would have said no way , your out of your mind. And  I  would have hid behind the couch…trust me.. lol  We started the year , having finally got rid of    what was holding us back , with the visa for hubby to come to Australia ,and planning our wedding which was 12 days away , and our tickets .

Then came the fun and games of getting everything done, working out where exactly we were going to, then getting all our stuff sorted . Some to be sold, some to be sent on ahead ,some to be given away  . A lot of work  but finally done and dusted ,then a few days at a motel  seeing my brother who  I had not seen for years. He had come over to the  UK for a holiday so we were able to catch up ,was such a great  time  , loved seeing him and his lovely wife again .  It had been far too long  since we had met up .

Then it was time to leave , up , up and away  , back home for me and to a new life for hubby who had never been here before. Stayed with my sister and her hubby in Tasmania for a while , then hubby landed his dream job and off we went again.  I had hoped we could be based in  Victoria as this was where  I was born , but alas the dream job was in  Sydney  ,so here we are living in Sydney . We have a lovely  unit, are only about 10 – 15 mins walk from a very large Westfield’s  shopping centre ,and 5 mins walk from a train station, so we are in a good position. As we have had so many problems , not of our own doing , we are still way behind ,so still have little or no furniture , but we will get there. First thing is to pay back those who helped us out ,then we will get what we need 1 thing at a time . Main thing to me is that hubby loves his job , that’s always a big bonus .

We now wait  to see with baited breath  what this year will bring , hopefully a lot less stress than last year . This time hopefully we will come across people who will actually be nice and help us , not like as in the other blog  .. Not Fit For Purpose…

As for us we will do as we have  always done since we got together , love and look after each other to the best of our ability  ,  try to be nice to others  , and help if need be  , tho I am wary of this as last  time I did it cost us big money , which we are now having to slowly replace.

Also this year  we have our 1st wedding anniversary ( can’t  believe it is a year already )  and  our birthdays , also the anniversary of getting to Australia , a special day to us both . Special  as it took so long, and had so many obstructions  , but we did it anyway . Also I might mention here too that had it not been for  Twitter and  Facebook , I might have gone right round the twist with all the grief . As it was some of my lovely Twitter friends helped me keep going and keep my feet on the ground, love you  trouble .. lol know who you are.

So now we face this new year with a fresh start , a new job, a new home , and fresh hope in our hearts , and  I really believe if it had not been  for  God helping us, we would never have got this far . So  hoping that all who read this have a very happy and safe new year , and that all your dreams come true……

ACTUAL NEWSPAPER HEADLINE: Player Fined For Using Obscure Language To Umpire – Sarasota Morning Star

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