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Slow on the Uptake

Slow on the Uptake  , called it this for a reason as you will soon see, but first let me say ,this blog is not for everyone. Why not ? let me tell you , this is about the love and care of the real God , not 1 of these made up ones who  get you to pray to statues , or  threaten you with death if you do not follow  the gods they made up.

This is about the 1 true  God who gave his only Son for us , and listens when we call on him , now let me tell you why I write this.

As most of you know  I have been living in the  UK for a few years , then we made the decision to come here , me to home and hubby  for the first time. Well , it was as if I had opened some sort of door as 1 after another things went wrong, we got robbed, we had trouble with a so called friend, we just could not for love or money sell anything to help pay for the trip/visa/wedding/etc. So we thought ok , for now we will just get a transfer  out of this place, and get away from the neighbour from hell.

Well as you can imagine these things take time , but it was getting very stressful, and at times like these in deep despair I called upon  God. I then  saw ,while truly awake  , as though looking at a picture  a flat, and  I just shook my head , there is nothing like this in the  UK , so I went on and yet again as I prayed ( it happened several times  ) the very same picture came to me, this is where being slow on the uptake comes in .

We finally got here , though it was 1 of the hardest  times we have ever been through ,and its still hard right now , but we are slowly making progress, what more could we ask  ? Well 1 day I went out on the balcony , and just happened to be in the exact same spot I was in when I had those mind pictures ,and it all came together with a huge jolt !! This was what God was showing me in the  UK !!!  I was standing in the exact same spot !! Even went downstairs and stood in the spot there and yes !! A mirror  image of what I had seen all those months earlier !! It was the exact same picture and I saw it then as clear as  I saw it before , I was dumbfounded , went weak at the knees , how could  I have been so slow  ??

All the times  I cried to God , he was listening , and showing me what was waiting for us , and  I was too slow to see , if I had seen it sooner the stress would have been at least 10 times less.

i know  that this was real , some of you will say I am mad  , some of you will just dismiss it , but let me say now it was very, very real , and just like in The  Bible  it was a vision , something that has never , ever happened to me before . The shock of realising what I was looking at was so real, as to be physical  , actually felt weak .

The other reason I write this , is for other Christians  who are having a hard time  , do not ever stop praying, or believing , God  does hear , and he does answer , sometimes you do not see it, but sometimes like me he has to hit you over the head before you actually see what he is doing or has done. He knows what we need and when we need it  , so do not be Slow on the Uptake as I was , trust in him to know  your needs …..

“Coming soon to a theatre  near you”….. how do they know where I live?  BCSptr7CAAE7lIG BCSqgRpCcAEb0ZT

These  are the 2 views I had , and it  was when  I stood in that exact spot 1 day that it all came to me and made sense, that and the realisation  that we were the only ones who turned up for the viewing  .