Cardboard Boxes ..

Cardboard Boxes …what would we do without them ?

Recently as regular readers know we finally moved into  a new unit in Sydney, and in moving there we had what you might call an attack of cardboard boxes, they were everywhere. We had them  to sort out things from, to  sort out things to. To send things over here with, to hold our stuff in till we get furniture.

On thinking about it how many uses do we put them to ? lol  We get shoes in them, we get food in them, we get clothes in them , we use them to  take things from 1 place to another ,and  I am sure you can think of many other things they are used for . They are always great for storing things in as they last for ages and ages , some people have boxes they have had stuff in for years . I know we did before our big move ,and we still do now  for lack of other places to put things.

What I want to know is why we don,t use them more? They last  a long time ,and when they finally do pack it in ,so to speak, they are easily disposed of in an environmentally  friendly way .Why have we become a society who just grabs whatever plastic bags we can find , and there are always millions of them  instead of the friendlier boxes ? The cardboard boxes have been around way longer than  the plastic bags anyway , so why did we move away from using them ?

Yes guess  I am sticking up for the humble cardboard box  but  , I really think they need a some free advertising , lol, I know before you say it , yes I am nuts , but we do need to think more about what we do , for everyone,s  sake . The boxes at least can be  recycled and the plastic bags cannot be ,they stay viable for  many years  polluting  the earth.  I have had many fun times with  boxes as well , specially when the one you want cannot be found, you can bet on it that the very last box you look in is the one you needed. So we should start from that  one first , lol, but we don,t.  My feeling is that they know which one you want and sort it out between themselves so  you can,t find the right one till last. It is about time someone  said this , having personally had this problem way too many times, I think it is high time someone said it out loud. I guess  that is the main reason people turn to plastic , to thwart  the boxes , lol, my story and  I,m sticking to it .

Then there is the fun and games our pets ( no I don’t mean hubby )   have in them , playing  with them , in them under them , bouncing all over and in and out . Had many a giggle at the antics of animals playing with boxes ,being cardboard they can not hurt them  so they can play safely . Then there are all the times the kids  of all ages use them as forts , play hide and seek in them ,and the list goes on. So next time you  need to store , carry , or use something generally , then don,t turn to the plastic , get a cardboard box ,much more better  …trust me .. boxes 2 boxes 3 boxes 4 boxes boxes1 Here  are some ways we use em , lol , see? easy as  …

Why does a ship carry cargo, and a car carry shipments? ?

2 thoughts on “Cardboard Boxes ..

  1. hehehehe I love it, and agree wholeheartedly too. How about re-using that wrapping paper and covering the boxes with the pretty colours???? that’ll spruce things up around the place too.

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