Husbands …Yes or No ??

Husbands  yes or no ?? 

Now that is the burning question isn’t  it ? 

Not sure what to think sometimes about this subject , my 1st  Husband and father of the kids , was a good man , until I could no longer have any. Then he seemed to change,just see me as goods, something he owned ,got so demanding that even breathing almost  was not on unless he said so. So after 20 + years  I called it quits and left. Stayed away from them for quite some time , until circumstances led me to Adelaide . 

Enter husband number 2 who at the beginning hid the fact of just how much he drank. Did not find out how much till it was too late ,and of course the drinking  soon became an issue ,as to this day cannot understand how he could even walk right he drank so much. As you would expect in this situation the inevitable happened , he got cancer of the bowel , a very aggressive  one that took him in less than 5 months.

So gave men away for quite some time , did try again with 1 more but he too thought  all I was there for was to do what he said …exit stage left ….

After leaving him , some  drip ( my son )  lol .. got me onto the internet . Well almost all downhill from there huh ? 

Also he got me into chat  .. IRC  to those who don,t know that’s  Internet  Relay Chat , where there are  squillions of chat rooms , I still own 3 myself now. Back to the point , in 1 of these chat rooms a man with  the nick of  @Mario^  started chatting to me a lot , that was fine for a while , then he started to DM  ( direct message )  me. 

Well when I worked out what he was actually saying, what he really wanted  … me .. lol , I told him 4  things.

1 your too young 

2 your too fat 

3 your too bald …..having said that I added 4- your nothing like what I want in a man even if I wanted another 1 . Well did he listen ? did he stop ? Not a bloody hope of it  , he became even more persistent , lol if that was possible. to put it in his own words …

I stalked you until you panicked and gave in …lol how right that was , and he still is a  persistent  bugger  ..But…having said that  ,let me say this , he is the most loving caring man I have ever met . We would never even have made it together if it had not been for another chat friend  , who realised we just could not get enough money together to even get started , so sent me a return 1st class air ticket to  London …We still have not even met this man and we so would love to  he is 1 in a million. 

@Mario^ turned out to be the best thing that had happened to me in many a long year , so off to London  where I spent just oner 3 months there and us getting to know each other and see if it was a real love we had . Came back home to help a friend out , and also to get all my things sorted  to go back and live , but before  I left , we got engaged. Here the fun and games of getting a visa started , boy what fun that was  … not ..

Went back second time for  6 months as we set things up , only to find there had been a screw up in the paper work so had to return yet again to Australia , this time was only here weeks before I was able to go back. We lived there for 5 years ,then after many problems and drawbacks I bought him home with me ……ohhhhh look he followed me home  ..can I keep him ?? lol 

We also got married  just before we left London , so as  I had gone and  married him , thought  I better bring him home too, lol, besides  I needed a luggage trolley , that,s my story and  I am sticking to it  …giggles …Well there are times ,as with most husbands, I want to knock his block off. On the whole though , am so happy  I did bring him home , on the nights we actually sleep together lol and he,s not on night shift  when  we lay in each others arms and just relax. Also the times we sit and just  watch TV saying nothing because we are relaxed with each other .He may not look like a movie star  ( neither do I ) but he is a good man underneath and that is what matters, looks have never mattered. 

Now if  I could just get him to stop procrastinating , when there are things to be done, stop being a cheeky sod at times , and stop groping when I am trying to get things done …hmmmm  but if that all happens he won,t be the same man will he? Now we get to the question ..Husbands yes or no ??  * falls over laughing * I have no idea once a pest always a pest ..right  @Mario^? 

Husbands …you can,t live with them ..and the spoilsports won,t  let you shoot them ..

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