Wrong Can Sometimes Be Right

Wrong can sometimes be right , maybe it seems at the time that all will never be right again , maybe there is so much wrong that to get anything right out of it  seems impossible. 

Let me tell you my story , I was born into a dysfunctional family, mother didn’t  seem to care, father was a drunk , and constantly beat me because  I was not a boy, and he wanted a son badly. Sometime during this period  I got taken to church and  I remember  as clear as if it was today ,as a little girl , giving my heart to Jesus , have never stopped loving him , and now as  I look back , hes never stopped loving me . Even  when I got pulled out of school and put to work in a factory , married at 16 to get away from an abusive  family , his hand was there, as when also a child ,1 I got pushed into a bonfire ,and almost died, then  later got pushed into the deep end of a swimming pool, again almost died. Through all this though I  made it , seemed someone was trying to get rid of me . ( LOL ) Sorry it did not work , am still here and fighting on. 

After 20+  years in a marriage that had problems that seemed to come only after I could no longer have children , he wanted heaps but  I could not physically do it , it ruined my insides. I have found out since he has a problem ,that had we  even known about it way back then that marriage could maybe have been saved. …Who knows ?

So ended up alone and working and doing ok , but things again intervened  to change my life dramatically. Found my self heading for Adelaide and  a new beginning , unfortunately it too was a case of , if I had only known , but we can not tell our  future so we have to live life as it comes, and keep faith that God knows best.

From there went to Brisbane and what I once again thought was going to be a permanent relationship , but again was all wrong so left it behind.

While  in Brisbane  found myself on the internet, and into chat rooms ( still in em too lol ) from there found myself over in Perth to get extra work to get more money to go to London ( remember my stalker Mario ? ) LOL  Well tickets having been so very kindly given to me , off to  London I went , and after a few  hicc ups  married my stalker lol , and finally came back home with him. We are now settled in a nice unit in Sydney and my stalker is working hard in a job he just loves, and I get to do pretty much what I want to , mmmm  nice huh ? 

So lets put it together , never wanted as a child , now that’s a wrong, pushed into a fire, a wrong, pushed into a pool , also a wrong, and unhappy marriage another wrong , then another 2 wrong connections both wrongs. So how can all or any of this be right ? 

Easy, number 1 none of the things that should have killed me did,2, none of the people that hurt me or tried to ruin my life succeeded   , 3, my family  as in sisters, brothers and children and grand children have always been there for me . Next and most important God has been there all this time , even in the darkest times and bought me through times that surely should have finished me , so there is how  Right can come from Wrong . We may not see it at the time but it is there , and anyway , if all this was not meant to be , why ? did a complete stranger give me ,out of the blue a 1st class return ticket to London  when  I needed it the most ?? 

All things being equal then , right has over come  wrong and  I am now happy living with my stalker , and he loves me to bits , have never been loved like this before and I just love it , every woman deserves a man like him ( forget it he is mine lol ) Moral of my story ?? Never ..ever .. give up no matter what life throws at you , God is always there to lean on  and wrong can definitely  be over come by right  .. The things  I have seen and the places  around the world I have been to , have just been wonderful ,and tough though it has been , would not have changed a thing as the outcome might have been far worse. It was all to prepare me for what is now ..so as far as  I am concerned God does know best and he has watched over and protected me ..

ENDLESS LOVE: Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles playing tennis….

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