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Lest We Forget

We have just had Anzac Day here in Australia , a day of remembrance , not of celebration as some suppose .We take the time to remember the sacrifices  that our brave men and women made for us. Made that we can live in freedom , not under the thumb of some jumped up dictator.

Rosemary is for remembrance ,when you smell it then remember …..

To those vile creatures who posted awful things about the Anzacs , let me remind you, without what they did you would not only not be free to make those  despicable  statements , but more than likely you would not even have been born .They  saw our beautiful land and decided that they would have it ,so they attacked ,they had already started on the other side of the world , now it was our turn. We did NOT start the war it was forced on us, remember that when you think that Anzac Day  is just to glorify war. We use the day to honour those brave soldiers who made it possible for us to live free.To have the things we have now, and not be under socialism ,where no 1 is allowed to own anything themselves.Count too the number of men and women who did not return.

We went to a dawn service ,and it was so moving  so touching it made me start to think just how much those brave people  did for us .Also  how glad  I was that they did .

They made it possible for all the migrants fleeing other dictators , to come and live in freedom , and not fear. What did sadden me is that it seems that none of those migrants see fit to go and give thanks as we do. They too seem to have forgotten , or maybe have not been told , that without the Anzacs we would be in no better state than what they were fleeing.

The thing  that almost all people seem not to know in life is about ” knock on effects ” that what  people do will have an effect on others . There are so many things  that , thanks to those brave people  have been changed for us for the good  of us all .

We could not have  meetings, rallies, protests,  or any other thing , without having to get permission , and would any dictator give permission for them ?  I think not, as they are all about themselves and no one else. We could not have our concerts, sports meets, or anything else that has  crowds of  people we would have to do what we were told . So before you go and start  spouting such bile , do your research and find out just what would have happened  if we had not defended ourselves .Would you truly want the alternative? I know I sure wouldn’t , I for 1 love the freedom they fought so hard for , that they gave their lives for , so instead of bile you should be thanking them .

Would you have left your home,family,job,friends, and all  else to go and fight , knowing your  chances of making out alive and in 1 piece  were remote to say the least ? If you have so much anger  why not turn it into something useful and go and visit some of these people who came back with such terrible injuries ,and help them  ? Learn from them , learn about dictators ,about those that want to take control of your lives and tell you  what to do and how to do it , have a feeling you would hate that sort of life  .

At the going down of the sun , we will remember them.

They  shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old ,

Age shall not weary them , nor the years condemn ,

Lest We Forget ……..


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