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A World Gone Mad

This as  sure as eggs are eggs  is a world gone mad, every day and in every way we see it more and more . It has become a world where impatience, selfishness ,greed,and much more have sadly become the norm. It is also a world where  people have forgotten how to think , to realise that…For every action ,there is an equal and opposite reaction …if only people would stop and work out just what that means.

It means that if a 19 year old  girl in the United States  had  stopped to think that  driving and texting were not what she was taught when she got her driving licence , she now would not be dead on her very first solo drive ……. It means that people  who are in such a hurry that they  can not wait a whole minute  or  , shock horror 30 seconds  more  , would not be getting hit by  buses, trucks,cars, etc,  and causing the drivers to have nightmares for the rest of their lives.

We now have so much technology , so many gadgets , to drown our senses that we have long ago let them take over the thinking for us. , we have smart phones, smart tablets  , smart everything it seems , so why bother to think for ourselves  . We can get our phones to remember everything  for us , so we only have to talk to them and  they look it up and dial the  number if so needed . So again why bother to think ourselves.

Problem with this is after a while we forget how to , if you read the papers and watch  TV  at all you would have seen reports , on the  way the children at school are no where near as smart as they used to be . Our ” intelligence level ”  of our younger ones coming through  is dropping rapidly , that’s proved by the  fact that  children competing  in  world quizzes are not getting them as right as they used to.

So we stop thinking , we stop working out the pros and cons of what we want to do , what would  have happened if  I had not taken the time to sit down and think of all possibilities before  I took my life in my hands and went half way round the world to meet a man I only knew from online ? I will tell you what would have happened  , I would not have met and married the  most caring, loving,considerate man  I have ever met if I hadn’t gone.I would have been a very lonely unhappy woman  and not the much loved 1 I am now.

So in this world gone mad  , is it time to stop, have a break , and start to use what passes for our brains ? Start to see how  much of a better person we could be  ? How we can be of benefit more to ourselves and the world ? Stop letting   the  money  hungry ones in charge convince us  that all is lost unless  we pay out more and more ,so they make more and more  , and we get poorer and poorer . We have let money talk in every level of our society now , doubt there is a level it does not control now .

There are just so many children out there now who can not do the simplest of things , unless they have a lap top or a pc , or a smart phone or a tablet to tell them how to do it. Wonder how many , if any of them could do maths in their heads the way we were taught to do . Or if they  can even write  and spell correctly , my guess is not many , all you have to do is ask and you will soon see . As for these ridiculous words that are not words that are creeping in , it is hard to even know what some of them are talking about , I mean and I hate even typing it  ” amazeballs ” how utterly ridiculous is that  ?? and it is even creeping into television  advertising. Tell you right now any company that uses that excuse for a word get nothing from me till they  learn to speak English .

My 1 hope is that someone somewhere finally gets through to people that they need to think for them selves, that everything they do effects others . Unless they live on an island all alone , then they always effect someone else by what they  do and say . We must if there is any hope for the world at all, stop being led by the masses and start to think for ourselves. We all have brains , we just get swept along by the tide and soon for get how to use them. We can do it if we try …I know we can …

Do not let this world gone mad get the better of you …start to think ….please  …you can do it if you try ………

I  changed my iPod’s name to Titanic. It’s syncing now.

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