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Gadgets and Gizmos

Gadgets and  Gizmos,  our lives are ruled by them now , we have them to do almost anything. There is not a day goes by that we do not use at the very least  6, most of us use more . Seems to me that if we keep going like  this we won’t need to even move a muscle! As it is we have a gadget for every conceivable thing …..A gadget wakes us  in the morning ,it then tells us all day what time it is , whether we want to know it or not. A gizmo boils the hot water for us to make our tea or coffee in the mornings, another 1 cooks our breakfast, and if in a hurry another 1 cooks it very fast with a  ” beep .beep. beep ” to tell us its ready.

That much done we then head for the bathroom where yet more gadgets and gizmos  allow us to , shave ,  dry our hair ,keep warm. Then to the bedroom , lol, and before you deviates say it ,  no not for those gadgets. The gadgets in the bedroom to   curl our hair , talk to us from a box in the corner ,telling us what is going on in the world where we want to know or not ..

Next ,once dressed we  use a gadget to wash our clothes, then another to dry them  , and yet another to iron them when they are dry. When that is all done we use another to vacuum  the floors , and if you have it another 1 to steam mop the floor in the kitchen , and bathroom.  Then we use another , if we have it to load all the dishes in to be washed, then yet another to put food in to cook ( otherwise known as an oven ).  After all this we either go to work to use more gizmos or shopping  to use yet more .

Lets look at the shopping side for a minute , in every shop all the products have gizmos on them to prevent you nicking them , and or to tell the gizmo at the desk how much they are . Then there are the gadgets at the hole in the wall , that if we ask real nice give us some cash ( if we got any )  they also tell us what is left in the account , if they have not told you to nick off already as you’re broke , lol. So in every single phase of  shopping there are gadgets and gizmos , ones to take us between floors , ones to help us spend our money.

Then of course if you have gone to work , there is a whole new world of gadgets and gizmos depending on what kind of work you do , ones like this that put the words together , then print it all in a nice neat parcel. hmmmmm wish there was a gadget that put men in a nice neat parcel * sigh *  but that is wishful thinking  , lol.  Must not forget the other gadgets at work  also supposedly to make work easier quicker and more efficient . Of course we must never forget the gadget that some us have from time to time given flying lessons to ( like chucking them across the room )  these gadgets do not allow us to have any chance of  hiding , lol, unless we turn them off. When you wake up it goes off telling you someone wants to talk to you, or it beeps and there are messages , you might be tired and  just as you doze off , you guessed it, it rings , yikes , no getting away from them  , they go with you , and drive you mad if you have to work with them.

Get back home and guessed it more gadgets !! wow how many are there in our lives  ? We get in and 1st thing is put on the television , 1 more gadget,  wander off to get a drink out of the next gadget , this 1 has kept the drink cold ( we hope ) While we relax a little another of the gadgets is getting dinner ready …and no  I do not mean the wives , thank you very much. I mean the microwave you threw your dinner into to thaw or re – heat . Depending on how tired  you are as to which gadget  you use.

So there is our world these days , and yes  I have not covered them all but yikes that would take forever !!  We have these things in every stage of our lives and believe it or not there used to be a time when this was not the norm. * sigh * miss those day. I bet like me there are a lot of people who would  love to have less gadgets  and go back to a more peaceful time  ,it never seemed to be so fast paced then, seems the more gadgets we have the faster  life gets  , if only we could slow it down a touch. …
I changed my iPod’s name to Titanic. It’s syncing now.