Now For Something Different

Now for something a little different  ,and once again a big thank you to  Annie ( lol she knows who she is  )  who gave me the subject matter .

We all  at times go out , go to work ,go to a show ,go visiting, well when we do what do we actually look  at as we walk around  ? Do we look at the buildings, the traffic , the people ? What do we look at when  we walk around. ? Well as for me  I perv  , lol, no surprises there  then , and don’t tell me you all don’t do that either , cos you are fibbing  if you do . You can not tell me  that if you look at in my case,  a nice looking well built man your eyes don’t cross and you start to think  about  how nice it would be to pinch that cute butt. Lol my poor hubby is always getting his butt pinched , and no matter what he says to the contrary I know he loves it. Men you don’t get off   either , we know how  you all react to a pretty woman, lol first glance to the boobs , then down to the butt , seen it so many times I know its true  lol .

Lets face it , we all like to look at things or people who are pretty , but the trick is not to touch ( bloody hard that at times )  lol , but having said that it can be fun and also can make you feel better , as you’re  obviously  not too worried about things right at that moment . Life these days is so  fast, so stressed, so pressured , that to be able to relax and just have a  good perve . There is n o need to touch , you just have a look move on  and for that moment you feel good , and lets face it anything that relaxes us even  for a few minutes is a good thing.

I do a lot of walking these days and boy do  I have to be careful , lol, walking into walls  and or almost going over a railing because your mind is on a cute butt is not the most clever thing I have done  in my life . Every time  I do it  I giggle and try to tell myself to  watch it , but alas * sigh *  so hard to break a habit like that . Even harder cos  really I don’t want to stop it ., its way too much fun ,and fun is often  not to be found all that  much , or not as much as we would like . So if you do happen to see me and  I have a bruise   or 2 its because  I have walked into something perving  lol , will learn 1 day  I suppose , but then again …

On that theme too  as  I have been walking  I have also noticed others doing the exact same thing  , and have to giggle as I realize  i am not the only perv in the place. Watching others doing it too make me feel better , makes me know I am not the only 1 .The only time  I worry about people perving is if they are driving , that is a big  no no .

Now that you have had a giggle at me and my perving habits , don’t you feel  better  ? I know  i always feel better when someone tells me of something they do thats silly ,gives me a nice feeling to know they do the same thing  I do too . Well lets face we all need a hobby and as long as it is not harmful to anyone why not ? Also it is free  , so there ya go all the excuses you need to go out and perve covered  , lol now don’t that make you  feel better  ?? Just a word of warning  , watch where you are walking , lol, dont be like me and almost walk into things , it hurts .

I used to think I was indecisive,

but now I’m not so sure.

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