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It is a Good Thing I Love You ..

It is a  good thing  I  love you  , lol , how many times do we say this to our husbands ?  Or think it  when they do something so typically male we just want to kick them ? I know  I for 1 seem to get to that point quite often , every time  I see 1 other thing  he has done/not done  that he should/shouldn’t . ( yes  Rick this is for you ) lol

Went into the bedroom before,  just after he went to work and yes as usual there were things on the floor  , on the bed  , anywhere but in the cupboards they are supposed to be in . It is the same when he says yes darling would love to put my washing away , it is no worries  I will do mine and you do the rest ( yeah right )  3 days later clothes still on chair  where  i put them  * sigh * Then there is the rubbish  and the re – cycling , yes dear will do  it when  i finish this  , after about 6 reminders  he finally does it  . This is procrastination at its best  lol . Just as well  I love him  yes  ?

Need something looked at on the  lappy ? no worries just give me a couple  of minutes  i will look at it for you , I get up and go and do dishes or cooking or something  and  yep , while  I am away from the  lappy does it get looked at  ? lol dont be daft   that would be too easy  . So yet another reminder go off to sort laundry or put things away  , did it get checked then ? lol nope this time he forgot  . Just as well  I love him  yes ?

Our food order is not quite  right  he has to make a phone call to get it sorted  , any guesses how long it took to get that done  ? well if you said 2 weeks your about right , thats how long that took , but at least the shop sorted it right away they did not take 2 weeks , lol, just as well  I love him  yes  ?

Need some things sorted out and put in the garage  , wonder how long that will take  , a while yet  I suppose as  I have only asked a few times so far  . Do you begin to see the joys of living with and loving a procrastinator ? lol and me  a person who likes to get a job over and done with and then relax , makes a whole lot more sense to me , just as well  I love him right  ?

Been needing his help too with some shelves  I want to clean  , but as  I am too short and can not reach  I need his help , that too is another thing  to be done  hopefully before my brother gets here for a visit  in  November  , but  I won’t hold my breath  . lol  also those things to the garage and a good spring clean before he gets here too might be nice , good thing  I love him  right  ?

Amazing the  how different it is if we get something  from a store that  needs  to be assembled , what a difference  , lol, right away out comes tools , whatever needs putting together  is got out right away and hey  – presto , Bobs your aunt its done right away  , seems its what i ask him to help with that makes all the difference , just as well  I love him right  ?

I can almost hear all the other women who have husbands like mine  putting up their hands yelling  , me too !! I got 1 like that  , its so very exasperating  to put it mildly , and often I wonder how come  a lot more men are not knocked out by the women they married  , sure wish  i could some times lol , just as well  I love him  right  ?

It is not that he does not want to help out , he does, he loves helping , it is just that it has to be in his time  , not in real time  , not when you first need it  , lol, that would be asking for too much  , would think a stranger had wandered in  if  I got help 1st time of asking. , just as well  I love him   right  ??

We were making out on the couch. She said “Let’s take this upstairs” So I said “Ok you grab one end and I’ll grab the other”




Overcoming The Impossible

Overcoming the   impossible  , it can be done , been there done that . ( Thanks Lorraine )

I am doing this  1 as an encouragement  to those going through hard , even what seems to be impossible times. You can make it through but you have to be strong. If I can do it anyone can .

During my life things have happened to me , by the hand of others that just have made me wonder over and over again  why me ? As  a child  I was not wanted , I was a girl and that is what  I did wrong and was punished  constantly for. The mere fact that it was not  of my choosing  made no difference at all. Somehow  getting through childhood, after at various times   , being  pushed into a bonfire, then later a swimming pool at the deep end , and having had pneumonia  and almost  died  , think  I have an inkling of  what its like to have to struggle. Also at times not having a penny to bless myself with ,adds to the struggle.

Made it to teens  , married at 16  to escape brutal father , but had a few really good years till finally my body said after 4 children , no more this will stop . So  that was that and it seemed once  I could no longer have children , it was all over , I was only good while  I could have them . So reluctantly  I walk away after a lot of years  , after a while take a risk again , and again after  some time , it turns out a servant was what  I was supposed to be  , get out earn money give it over so he could drink it away . A sad intervention then , all the years of drinking caught up with him and he died of cancer . This time  I decide enough of men who from here seem only to want a servant but  fool me first into thinking  there was love just to hook me , as did the next 1 , who also died of cancer .

By this time  I have withdrawn into myself and have  decided never again with men , and decided the only safe place to deal with men is from a distance . So onto the internet  I go , thanks to my son , all ok you would think from there  but no , 1 man got through to me with real love ,and we are now happy and married.

From the very start it was not easy , in fact damn near impossible owing to the vast distance between us . As  you know though that too eventually worked out ,we got  together and  still there now. During these years of us getting together permanently  we went  through some damn rough  times , at times not knowing how we would even feed, clothe or pay bills would happen. Add to this mix at least 3 times we were robbed , and hubby was mugged twice , and then there was what is now known as a toxic friend.

Having said all that  let me say now that in those dark times , when I just wanted to curl up in a ball and never move , there always seemed to be something to cling onto. Just when it seemed there was no way out, no way of escape , something would happen to prove me wrong. The many times  I should have died  , there are more than what  I said but thats enough to make the point , somehow someway I seemed to get through , by a coat of paint very often but make it  I did .

I have always believed in God  , right from a very early age , and that has not changed , some of the things that have happened to me  have been  unbelieveable . Some of them should have killed me , but for some reason here  I am and as far as  I am concerned it was  God who pulled me through. I do not know what your beliefs are , but  I have no doubt. There is just no explanation for why I survived ,especially that fire  though  I did almost lose my left leg , and spent weeks in hospital  and in bandages .  It is up to you what you believe or do not , you will have to sort that out at the time , but as for me it seems that with will power, the determination to stay strong and not let the buggers win  that kept me going.

It can be done it is the hardest thing ever at times to overcome , but if you want to bad enough then you will . Having been there and done that  I know this to be true .Even when things like  health , finances , relationships all  fall to pieces , if you have the  desire ,strength   will come   if you want it enough , you just have to batten down the hatches and hold on . Tie a knot in the rope when you think you have reached the end of your rope and hold on for dear life  , it will come good.


TEACHER:   Donald , what is the chemical formula for water?


TEACHER:   What are you talking about?

DONALD:   Yesterday you said it’s H to O.


Stalking ….The Fun Way ..

Stalking the fun way , or as  I call it  , the way my husband did it  .

Have you ever just been sitting and minding your own business, sitting in a chat room , before you even knew twitter or faceache ,errrrr faceboook ever existed , and yes there was a time when these never existed  lol .  and all of a sudden , someone who you have been talking to in a chat room , private messages you and starts  to talk romance  ?? Well when it happened  to me  it was  weird , took me a while to cotton on to what  he was really saying, and when  I did , what did  I do ? Apart from giggle and think he was nuts that is , lol, and he still is nuts.

Well what anyone  would do right  off , once you get over the surprise  , tell  him to  F***  off , dont be daft , I do not know you . Well being the very good little Girlie  i am ( stop laughing its true 😛 ) , I did just that . Did he listen ? lmao do men ever listen ?  Well of course they don’t  , we all know that  . Well right  I thought , here we go will have to use language even he can understand , so here we go  , I said there are  4 things that stop me from talking to you this way .

1 Your too young

2 Your too fat  ( he was then )

3 Your too bald  ( still is  )  lol sorry babe

4 Your way too far away .

As he was in  London and  I was in  Brisbane I  thought  , ok that should  get him to piss off and leave me alone . Did it  ? Lol not a chance , he said  it was just more of a challenge this way . So  he kept at me and at me for well over a month , till eventually I began to see that we had so very much in common , there were so many things we both liked. So I thought  what could go wrong  ? ( sheeesh  what a question ) So  talk we did and as we talked we really got to know each other and found more and more things  we  liked  about each other . Then with the help of Skype we really fell in love , well now the distance became a problem , but 1 way and another we got over that hurdle , thanks mostly to a friend  , who  we have still not met in person , who gave me the 1st ticket to London. We took it from there and eventually through  a lot of trials and tribulations , we made it together , find it hard to believe that is just on 10 years ago ( wow time flies )

During this time we have done a lot of travelling I personally have flown many ,many miles  and loved every minute of it  , have developed a real love of flying now which to me is a bonus, only thing is it also makes you want to keep travelling , you get itchy feet .

So  back to this here stalker  , yes you  Rick 😛 lol now I love you to bits but when all this was going on , you drove me nuts , in a good way tho  I must add here . He proved to me that …

1 Men are pests

2 Persistence  I.E Stalking  lol pays off  when done right. Boy oh boy did he do it right  , every time  i went to bed , he was on Skype  wishing me good night  , when  I got up there he was again , wishing me good morning ,every time  I turned around he was there 1 way or another . The  vast distance between us at the beginning  was a pain but it led to us being together ( So thats all good then  )  lmao  sorry Rick xxx  What also was lovely was the cards, the flowers, and  the constant knowing he was there  .   I had never been  treated this way in all my life so just loved it  , and he still spoils me rotten every day  , and of course  I love it , who wouldn’t  ? .

So if you are going to stalk please do it the right way and it can be a lot of fun for all concerned as it was for us, it won’t be easy  , nothing ever is  , but lol, it can give you a lot of giggles , trust me been there done that  ..

“If women are so bloody perfect at multitasking,


How come they can’t have a headache and sex at the same time?”____________________________________________________________

Birthdays …

Birthdays  …

Why Birthdays  ? …..once again  thanks Annie  , lol

Well we all have them  , we cannot escape them , and each 1 we have  , we either  love or hate , some even pretend they don’t have em  . Some even try to count backwards  so they do not seem so old, lol, sorry that will not work .  The reason for that being each 1 we have means we are that much older  , that much tireder , that much  more weary, if we are lucky we are that much happier  .  If  you are a child mostly you just love them  , can’t wait to  grow up , love to see what you get for presents. Then you  get to be a teenager , wow look at all the things you can now do , amazing isn’t it  ?

Then we get to the years just out of the teen stage  , wow  now we can do even more if we put our minds to it  , then as the years go by we we start to see things in a different light yet again, so by the time we get to say 25 ,we have yet another perspective on life,love,money, and we start to really see what is going on around us.

Another 5 years later perhaps we see  that ooppss things are not as we thought and it is high time we  worked out what our responsibilities   are in the world. By now we realize that we can no longer just sit and watch the world go by , we have to contribute , we have to show what we are made of . We have to decide our role in life , if we will be good or if we will be evil, we all must make this choice , no one gets out of it . The choices  we make now will  shape our lives for the rest of them .

Now we are getting further  on and we see just what our  choices have bought us , has it bought love, laughter, happiness, money ??? If it has not then we still have time to change things , to re make the choices we made first . It is never too late to change  . By now we realise too that each  Birthday is bringing us closer to the end of things , some love to have  Birthdays , some wish they could stop them  but still go on . Some  hate them as they bring back bad memories , but love them or hate them , they will always come around once a year.

So  we are stuck with them , we can not change them  but we can be happy about them if we care to and not let them be spoilt . Just think of the alternative if we don’t have them huh ? Lol exit stage left. so we really need to accept them and enjoy as much as we can , or face the alternative. As for me  I will try to just have fun with as many as are allotted to me , and be thankful .

So like  men,  love em or leave em you still have to deal with them, lol, specially husbands , they seem to always be there demanding attention , just like Birthdays , lol only more often , and if you have a husband then that is at least 2 you have to worry about each year. Add children to the mix and ooppss here the  Birthday problem gets more difficult , depending on how many you have to add to the mix. Makes you wonder who started all this  Birthday nonsense  doesn’t it  ? I  bet they had no children , no husbands and no idea of  how it would affect  others , might have had a re think if they had , one can only hope .

Birthdays , here for good  whether you like them or not , so make the most of it , the more you have , the more you have seen , done ,experienced , lived….be thankful for them , I know  I sure am..

How many roads must a man walk down before he admits he is lost. ??