Birthdays …

Birthdays  …

Why Birthdays  ? …..once again  thanks Annie  , lol

Well we all have them  , we cannot escape them , and each 1 we have  , we either  love or hate , some even pretend they don’t have em  . Some even try to count backwards  so they do not seem so old, lol, sorry that will not work .  The reason for that being each 1 we have means we are that much older  , that much tireder , that much  more weary, if we are lucky we are that much happier  .  If  you are a child mostly you just love them  , can’t wait to  grow up , love to see what you get for presents. Then you  get to be a teenager , wow look at all the things you can now do , amazing isn’t it  ?

Then we get to the years just out of the teen stage  , wow  now we can do even more if we put our minds to it  , then as the years go by we we start to see things in a different light yet again, so by the time we get to say 25 ,we have yet another perspective on life,love,money, and we start to really see what is going on around us.

Another 5 years later perhaps we see  that ooppss things are not as we thought and it is high time we  worked out what our responsibilities   are in the world. By now we realize that we can no longer just sit and watch the world go by , we have to contribute , we have to show what we are made of . We have to decide our role in life , if we will be good or if we will be evil, we all must make this choice , no one gets out of it . The choices  we make now will  shape our lives for the rest of them .

Now we are getting further  on and we see just what our  choices have bought us , has it bought love, laughter, happiness, money ??? If it has not then we still have time to change things , to re make the choices we made first . It is never too late to change  . By now we realise too that each  Birthday is bringing us closer to the end of things , some love to have  Birthdays , some wish they could stop them  but still go on . Some  hate them as they bring back bad memories , but love them or hate them , they will always come around once a year.

So  we are stuck with them , we can not change them  but we can be happy about them if we care to and not let them be spoilt . Just think of the alternative if we don’t have them huh ? Lol exit stage left. so we really need to accept them and enjoy as much as we can , or face the alternative. As for me  I will try to just have fun with as many as are allotted to me , and be thankful .

So like  men,  love em or leave em you still have to deal with them, lol, specially husbands , they seem to always be there demanding attention , just like Birthdays , lol only more often , and if you have a husband then that is at least 2 you have to worry about each year. Add children to the mix and ooppss here the  Birthday problem gets more difficult , depending on how many you have to add to the mix. Makes you wonder who started all this  Birthday nonsense  doesn’t it  ? I  bet they had no children , no husbands and no idea of  how it would affect  others , might have had a re think if they had , one can only hope .

Birthdays , here for good  whether you like them or not , so make the most of it , the more you have , the more you have seen , done ,experienced , lived….be thankful for them , I know  I sure am..

How many roads must a man walk down before he admits he is lost. ??

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