Stalking ….The Fun Way ..

Stalking the fun way , or as  I call it  , the way my husband did it  .

Have you ever just been sitting and minding your own business, sitting in a chat room , before you even knew twitter or faceache ,errrrr faceboook ever existed , and yes there was a time when these never existed  lol .  and all of a sudden , someone who you have been talking to in a chat room , private messages you and starts  to talk romance  ?? Well when it happened  to me  it was  weird , took me a while to cotton on to what  he was really saying, and when  I did , what did  I do ? Apart from giggle and think he was nuts that is , lol, and he still is nuts.

Well what anyone  would do right  off , once you get over the surprise  , tell  him to  F***  off , dont be daft , I do not know you . Well being the very good little Girlie  i am ( stop laughing its true 😛 ) , I did just that . Did he listen ? lmao do men ever listen ?  Well of course they don’t  , we all know that  . Well right  I thought , here we go will have to use language even he can understand , so here we go  , I said there are  4 things that stop me from talking to you this way .

1 Your too young

2 Your too fat  ( he was then )

3 Your too bald  ( still is  )  lol sorry babe

4 Your way too far away .

As he was in  London and  I was in  Brisbane I  thought  , ok that should  get him to piss off and leave me alone . Did it  ? Lol not a chance , he said  it was just more of a challenge this way . So  he kept at me and at me for well over a month , till eventually I began to see that we had so very much in common , there were so many things we both liked. So I thought  what could go wrong  ? ( sheeesh  what a question ) So  talk we did and as we talked we really got to know each other and found more and more things  we  liked  about each other . Then with the help of Skype we really fell in love , well now the distance became a problem , but 1 way and another we got over that hurdle , thanks mostly to a friend  , who  we have still not met in person , who gave me the 1st ticket to London. We took it from there and eventually through  a lot of trials and tribulations , we made it together , find it hard to believe that is just on 10 years ago ( wow time flies )

During this time we have done a lot of travelling I personally have flown many ,many miles  and loved every minute of it  , have developed a real love of flying now which to me is a bonus, only thing is it also makes you want to keep travelling , you get itchy feet .

So  back to this here stalker  , yes you  Rick 😛 lol now I love you to bits but when all this was going on , you drove me nuts , in a good way tho  I must add here . He proved to me that …

1 Men are pests

2 Persistence  I.E Stalking  lol pays off  when done right. Boy oh boy did he do it right  , every time  i went to bed , he was on Skype  wishing me good night  , when  I got up there he was again , wishing me good morning ,every time  I turned around he was there 1 way or another . The  vast distance between us at the beginning  was a pain but it led to us being together ( So thats all good then  )  lmao  sorry Rick xxx  What also was lovely was the cards, the flowers, and  the constant knowing he was there  .   I had never been  treated this way in all my life so just loved it  , and he still spoils me rotten every day  , and of course  I love it , who wouldn’t  ? .

So if you are going to stalk please do it the right way and it can be a lot of fun for all concerned as it was for us, it won’t be easy  , nothing ever is  , but lol, it can give you a lot of giggles , trust me been there done that  ..

“If women are so bloody perfect at multitasking,


How come they can’t have a headache and sex at the same time?”____________________________________________________________

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