Overcoming The Impossible

Overcoming the   impossible  , it can be done , been there done that . ( Thanks Lorraine )

I am doing this  1 as an encouragement  to those going through hard , even what seems to be impossible times. You can make it through but you have to be strong. If I can do it anyone can .

During my life things have happened to me , by the hand of others that just have made me wonder over and over again  why me ? As  a child  I was not wanted , I was a girl and that is what  I did wrong and was punished  constantly for. The mere fact that it was not  of my choosing  made no difference at all. Somehow  getting through childhood, after at various times   , being  pushed into a bonfire, then later a swimming pool at the deep end , and having had pneumonia  and almost  died  , think  I have an inkling of  what its like to have to struggle. Also at times not having a penny to bless myself with ,adds to the struggle.

Made it to teens  , married at 16  to escape brutal father , but had a few really good years till finally my body said after 4 children , no more this will stop . So  that was that and it seemed once  I could no longer have children , it was all over , I was only good while  I could have them . So reluctantly  I walk away after a lot of years  , after a while take a risk again , and again after  some time , it turns out a servant was what  I was supposed to be  , get out earn money give it over so he could drink it away . A sad intervention then , all the years of drinking caught up with him and he died of cancer . This time  I decide enough of men who from here seem only to want a servant but  fool me first into thinking  there was love just to hook me , as did the next 1 , who also died of cancer .

By this time  I have withdrawn into myself and have  decided never again with men , and decided the only safe place to deal with men is from a distance . So onto the internet  I go , thanks to my son , all ok you would think from there  but no , 1 man got through to me with real love ,and we are now happy and married.

From the very start it was not easy , in fact damn near impossible owing to the vast distance between us . As  you know though that too eventually worked out ,we got  together and  still there now. During these years of us getting together permanently  we went  through some damn rough  times , at times not knowing how we would even feed, clothe or pay bills would happen. Add to this mix at least 3 times we were robbed , and hubby was mugged twice , and then there was what is now known as a toxic friend.

Having said all that  let me say now that in those dark times , when I just wanted to curl up in a ball and never move , there always seemed to be something to cling onto. Just when it seemed there was no way out, no way of escape , something would happen to prove me wrong. The many times  I should have died  , there are more than what  I said but thats enough to make the point , somehow someway I seemed to get through , by a coat of paint very often but make it  I did .

I have always believed in God  , right from a very early age , and that has not changed , some of the things that have happened to me  have been  unbelieveable . Some of them should have killed me , but for some reason here  I am and as far as  I am concerned it was  God who pulled me through. I do not know what your beliefs are , but  I have no doubt. There is just no explanation for why I survived ,especially that fire  though  I did almost lose my left leg , and spent weeks in hospital  and in bandages .  It is up to you what you believe or do not , you will have to sort that out at the time , but as for me it seems that with will power, the determination to stay strong and not let the buggers win  that kept me going.

It can be done it is the hardest thing ever at times to overcome , but if you want to bad enough then you will . Having been there and done that  I know this to be true .Even when things like  health , finances , relationships all  fall to pieces , if you have the  desire ,strength   will come   if you want it enough , you just have to batten down the hatches and hold on . Tie a knot in the rope when you think you have reached the end of your rope and hold on for dear life  , it will come good.


TEACHER:   Donald , what is the chemical formula for water?


TEACHER:   What are you talking about?

DONALD:   Yesterday you said it’s H to O.


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