It is a Good Thing I Love You ..

It is a  good thing  I  love you  , lol , how many times do we say this to our husbands ?  Or think it  when they do something so typically male we just want to kick them ? I know  I for 1 seem to get to that point quite often , every time  I see 1 other thing  he has done/not done  that he should/shouldn’t . ( yes  Rick this is for you ) lol

Went into the bedroom before,  just after he went to work and yes as usual there were things on the floor  , on the bed  , anywhere but in the cupboards they are supposed to be in . It is the same when he says yes darling would love to put my washing away , it is no worries  I will do mine and you do the rest ( yeah right )  3 days later clothes still on chair  where  i put them  * sigh * Then there is the rubbish  and the re – cycling , yes dear will do  it when  i finish this  , after about 6 reminders  he finally does it  . This is procrastination at its best  lol . Just as well  I love him  yes  ?

Need something looked at on the  lappy ? no worries just give me a couple  of minutes  i will look at it for you , I get up and go and do dishes or cooking or something  and  yep , while  I am away from the  lappy does it get looked at  ? lol dont be daft   that would be too easy  . So yet another reminder go off to sort laundry or put things away  , did it get checked then ? lol nope this time he forgot  . Just as well  I love him  yes ?

Our food order is not quite  right  he has to make a phone call to get it sorted  , any guesses how long it took to get that done  ? well if you said 2 weeks your about right , thats how long that took , but at least the shop sorted it right away they did not take 2 weeks , lol, just as well  I love him  yes  ?

Need some things sorted out and put in the garage  , wonder how long that will take  , a while yet  I suppose as  I have only asked a few times so far  . Do you begin to see the joys of living with and loving a procrastinator ? lol and me  a person who likes to get a job over and done with and then relax , makes a whole lot more sense to me , just as well  I love him right  ?

Been needing his help too with some shelves  I want to clean  , but as  I am too short and can not reach  I need his help , that too is another thing  to be done  hopefully before my brother gets here for a visit  in  November  , but  I won’t hold my breath  . lol  also those things to the garage and a good spring clean before he gets here too might be nice , good thing  I love him  right  ?

Amazing the  how different it is if we get something  from a store that  needs  to be assembled , what a difference  , lol, right away out comes tools , whatever needs putting together  is got out right away and hey  – presto , Bobs your aunt its done right away  , seems its what i ask him to help with that makes all the difference , just as well  I love him right  ?

I can almost hear all the other women who have husbands like mine  putting up their hands yelling  , me too !! I got 1 like that  , its so very exasperating  to put it mildly , and often I wonder how come  a lot more men are not knocked out by the women they married  , sure wish  i could some times lol , just as well  I love him  right  ?

It is not that he does not want to help out , he does, he loves helping , it is just that it has to be in his time  , not in real time  , not when you first need it  , lol, that would be asking for too much  , would think a stranger had wandered in  if  I got help 1st time of asking. , just as well  I love him   right  ??

We were making out on the couch. She said “Let’s take this upstairs” So I said “Ok you grab one end and I’ll grab the other”



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