Expectations and Reality

Expectations and Reality …

Have you ever had something you wanted to do ? Or something you wanted to go to  ? Then  after years and years finally you get the chance  , what do you feel when that time comes? Excitement ? Worry ? Wonder that if this thing you wanted to do or go to may not be as good as your expectations of it are  ? We all feel that  I am sure  , you cannot wait for the day to come  , you wake up too early  , you can’t wait  for the time to go .Finally the day gets  started , your off on something you have waited for , for a long time , get nervous  as you travel to the event . For me it was wanting to go to Eastern Creek Raceway , to the  Muscle Car Masters , being a sports nut , loving the very sound and smell and roar of those muscle cars as they race , to me just wonderful .

So finally I get to go , hubby and  I set out at 7am , at the station by 7.15 waiting for a train , then off at Blacktown and onto a shuttle bus that takes us to the venue . We get there and the atmosphere is just electric , you can see the other enthusiasts  , see the cars , hear the roar as they start up ,wonderful . As you walk around there are the displays , wow they are great ,cars from 20+ years ago immaculate and shiny and obviously  well loved and taken care of  , so wonderful to see so many in 1 place ,got lots of pics  to use to remember that day ,the weather was also just perfect sunny and warm .

Sydney-20130901-00365 Sydney-20130901-00391  Sydney-20130901-00392 Sydney-20130901-00353

As the day goes on , the races start  , the excitement mounts , and  each race  is great  , we had a lovely spot to see it all from ,great views , also not too  far from the bar ( lol )  so sitting in comfort watching  these  great muscle cars race ,drink in hand , was a perfect day could not have wished for a better day if  I had tried. Anyone who is a petrol head would have just loved it  races all day as well as displays , a lot of fun had by all .

So for once  my expectations were way more than realised , this time it was  way way better than  I had imagined it could be . So many times have gone to things or places only to get there and think ”  Is that it ?” Not this time  though this time it was so good and we are both so glad we got there to witness such a day , hope 1 day to go again. My next place  I want to go to if it becomes possible  is Bathurst  , have also wanted to go to this for many , many  years and with a bit of luck  this too might just happen.

It is like when  I first went to  The  UK , I had no expectations as I had no idea at all what to expect except to finally meet with the man  I had fallen in love with over the internet. That too was way above expectation and as most know  I even married  him , and  I am so glad  I did.

So I have learned that it is a good thing to have expectations , do not give up on them or your dreams , ok some may not be quite what you expect , but never to try is far worse , you will never know if it was good or not.Sometimes you just have to have faith in what you are doing  , it took all my strength to get on that plane that day , I had never been out of Australia before . As  I boarded  I could feel my knees knocking and wondered for the thousandth time if I would make it ok , even tho  I  had a back up plan if it all went wrong it was still nerve wracking that very first time .After all it is a very long way from Australia to London  so it was something that worried me all the way over.

So never ever give up on your dreams and expectations .

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