Gadgets and Technology

Gadgets  and Technology ..

We have so many of these in our lives these days , but  is that a good thing or a bad thing  ? We wake up to them, or should  I say by them  , the alarm goes off  we get up get coffee , get dressed go to work ,where there is even more . I have covered some of this before  but this time  I want to ask is all this technology , these gadgets good for us ?

Lets face it these days  we barely have to think for ourselves  as there is something else to do it for us , and it does it easier than we could , no strain at all . We do not need to  strain our brains at all  it is all done for us , so what does that do for us  ? In some cases yes it is good as it frees us to do other more important work , and in the case of hospitals it keeps people alive that would be dead otherwise , and that of course is wonderful .

There was a time when none of this was available , yes there was a time before , when we had to think , we had to physically do things  by ourselves , shock , horror , we had to move . Our children had to actually go outside and play !! wow !! what  ? no tv ? no pc? no lappy? no iphone ? no mobile phone ?  Wow  yes, they actually went outside and played in the fresh air. Yes they did and in so doing  the fresh air  built up their immune  systems  , made them stronger , got them to actually use their imaginations , use the mind , think  make decisions all on their own. No screen to tell them what to do next , no button to push to make the next move. No pills to be had daily to give them the vitamins that the fresh air and sun gave naturally .

Countless generations before this had to do the same, before all these so called  ” improvements ”  came along  , and they did very nicely too thanks , life was so much less complicated and you didn’t  need to be a scientist  to operate a washing machine , or a microwave , or video recorder . The  whole house did not come to a standstill if 1 or any of these things stopped working for some reason , we were able to use our own brains  and work out how to repair  them , quite often you could fix the things yourself .Most homes always had a set of screw drivers or spanners , or both in a drawer somewhere .

As  I write this  I am also watching DVD’s which years ago was impossible , if  I want something  to drink  or eat there is the fridge or  the microwave  for me to use , when  I do the food shopping  I use 1 more bit of technology  and get on the internet and order it all on line , owing to my physical condition this is 1  improvement  that  I do love , I order it , then wait for them to bring it far better than food shopping ever was before . Obviously not all the so called improvements are  bad , a lot are good as  I stated before , but there are also some very bad ones , bombs, rockets, weapons of all kinds have gotten  so sophisticated over  the years  that now they can drop them right on your head if they want to as they are so dam accurate .In the hands of the power mad these things are things I wish had never been invented , we see all the time now how much damage they do . ( lol tempted to make a list of targets for them ) but  I wont * sigh *

So in a lot of ways  they are all good , but evil men will use them too as we see all the time now , but when  I see a tiny baby ,that would have died but for these improvements  I am thankful for them , and when people in accidents have lives saved by them that too is all good.  The way we can now travel all over the world so quickly if we want to , and trains, planes, and automobiles have all improved so much it is amazing  . This too can be used to do so much good , but again too often it is used for bad. I have in my lifetime so far seen so much , been to so many places , done so many wonderful things , that I know without doubt I could not have but for all this wonderful technology and the  gadgets that go with them . There are times though that I think we really all need to step away from it all , take a break and just appreciate  the world and the people in it ,away from them ,we take it all too much for granted .

Step away from the gadgets …these are not the gadgets  you are looking for …please  move along ..

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