How Did You Meet ???

How did you meet  ?? Your other  half your best friend  ??

We meet each other in funny ways sometimes, sometimes we meet at school, or a dance  , or at  Church , or on the internet , there are just so many ways we meet the ones who end up becoming our other half., or a best friend  . So how did you meet yours  ?

As for me  I was as  Rick puts it stalked  lol , he tells anyone who will listen that he stalked me till  I panicked and gave in , lol , its true too . Not for 1 single instant have  I regretted that either , its been a wild ride at times but worth it all. I was just sitting in a chat room  on irc, minding my own business , when he started talking to me in  PM. Thought ok see what he has to say  ,  cant hurt can it  ? lol if only I had known then , still would have done the same thing. So here  I listening to him  suddenly realised exactly what he was saying  !! huh ?? wait , back the truck up ! he wants to what  ? Oh he wants us to be more than friends  ?? wow never saw that coming  , lol , right out of left field.

So  what to do  ? 1st thing put him off  , he can’t be serious   can he  ?  Ok so  tell him no we can not for 3 reasons  , 1 your too young  , 2 you’re too bald , 3 your too far away , that should fix him right  ? Lol did it heck , just made him all the more persistent , all the more determined , he was not about to give up. Why ? because despite me saying what  I was  I did feel an attraction  to him even from half a world away  . So  he kept it up until as he says  I gave in  , lol, then we spent every moment we could together ( on Skype )  lol burned up the wires big time we did  till we could finally be together for real.

So we are now still together just on 10 years now , still love each other to bits , in fact more now than ever , we just seem to compliment each other so well , we even finish each others sentences at times lol , see what the right sort of stalking can get you ?? In our case a great marriage , and deep friendship as well  , the 2 go together as far as  I am concerned .How can you be real partners if you cannot  be best friends too ?

So how did you meet your other half  ? I am sure there must be  other stories of meeting  that are as weird  or more so , I have heard of people meeting at work , or just on a train or bus going to work. Some have met at churches  , some  at dances , there are so many ways and means to meet . Has anyone used a dating service  ? If so did it work ? or was it  just a huge waste of time and money  ? Did  you meet through other family members  ? like a friend of a brother or a sister turn out to be  the 1 for you ? How about a blind date  ? anyone been set up like that  ? Some  have even met by all sorts of funny accidents , yet still they end up together .

If like me  you were told oh don’t be so silly  you cannot go half way around the world  just to meet a man  , he might be an axe murderer or something , do not go !! lol how many times  I got told that before  I left  was really funny . Also funny ( well not really ) was the fact that  I was never credited with having the brains to have a back up plan if he indeed was not all  I thought he was. In fact  I had 2  back up plans in place  I was not at all worried  , had sense enough to put it all in place before  I left, after all it is a dam long way from Australia to  London , trust me on that  , lol, had a numb bum by the time  I got there  .So despite all the  negatives  it all was exactly how we expected it to be  , has anyone been put off  by all the negatives  ?

I know  I have  asked a lot of questions here but would really love to hear back if anyone has the time , it is an interesting topic , well to me anyway …lol .

We were making out on the couch. She said “Let’s take this upstairs” So I said “Ok you grab one end and I’ll grab the other”

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