Funny How Things Happen

Funny  How  Things  Happen …

As those who read these blogs all the time will know my hubby and  I have had a fun ride in getting together , we have had lots of bad things happen , and we have overcome them . Some of you will also remember that 12 months on in our new flat we   still needed a lot of furniture , as owing to a huge catch up we have to do there was no  money for furniture .

Now to a funny thing  , we have been scouring shops, the internet , freecycle  you name it  looking for things . So far had gotten nowhere  , but last weekend another family  in the block of units we live in  was moving and  almost gave us the pick of what they had  , not quite but almost. So now we don’t have to go looking for furniture , it came to us  !! lol was great as we do not have a car , we now have all we need in that respect , great huh ?

I find it  funny that at times we stress and struggle  ( yes  I know  I do  lol )  to get the things we need  , but if we sometimes just relax a while , all the stressing sorts itself out , have seen this so many times in my life  I know it to be true .Have also learned    not  to listen to those who would pull you down , and tell you  nothing will work , it wont if  you dont make it happen , sometimes we can make it happen better  by doing nothing !! As was the case this last weekend , 1 of my sons was here visiting  and he and  I were just sitting on the balcony enjoying a chat and a drink  when neighbour from upstairs started moving out . All we did was ask if there was anything they didn’t  need may we have it as we still needed things , well from there it was so funny 2 little children from the family  had son laughing  as they talked to him, because they were over excited  and  talked so fast  I had no hope of keeping up lol  but he did. So with me on the balcony saying  yes please or no thank you  , and son at the door,  we were able to get all we still needed  and it was a riot as well with all the comings and goings . Took hours  but who cared as we were all having a great giggle .

Poor hubby was still at work and we never told him  , lol, I just sent him a tweet made to make him wonder what on earth we were doing  lol  ( sorry dear ) . By the time he got home he was completely  confused as to what was going on , then when he got to the front door and tried to get in  , he almost couldn’t get in !!  I know  we should have told him but it was so much more fun to see the look on his face when he walked in , just couldn’t help myself lol , well  at least  I keep things interesting for him , can’t have him getting bored now can  I  ? Would not be a good little  wifey  now would  I ?

It is going to be funny as well when  my brother  , who  I have not seen in over 15 years comes to visit , anything can happen  lol , got a feeling poor hubby might get a bit worried as to what we might get up to or into  while hes at work. Silly hubby should know by now that we got to keep the ship afloat  by teasing each other and making  it more exciting  , keeping him guessing  , too boring any other way  .

So anyway don’t get too stressed by things  you need , or want , or anything  , it is just not worth it , if it is meant to be it will happen , we have just proved that again.
TEACHER:   Glenn , how do you spell ‘crocodile?’


TEACHER:   No, that’s wrong

GLENN:   Maybe it is wrong, but you asked me how I spell it.

(I Love this child)


One thought on “Funny How Things Happen

  1. Got you furniture though, didnt we ?

    And, if i was sober, I probably would not have understood the kids, they talked sooo fast.

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