The Local Watering Hole

The  Local Watering  Hole , ever wondered why so many people go to these places  ? Before you say booze , let me say this  it is not the only reason  people  go there  .

At ours we have  some really lovely staff , there is cute Stevie  , bit too skinny tho  lol  , then there is the boss man a little more  err staid  shall we say , his name is  Jarrod  and also very nice , there is also some just lovely  women that work there , 1 of them is  Stevies mum , lol, poor thing , cos hes cheeky but we love him.

Then there are the meals, always top notch and very well priced , you could not buy the food ,cook it and serve it for how much you pay for the meals ., also you do not have to do the dishes lol a big bonus. Lunch time during the week is always fun as the workers in the offices  over the road all come over for lunch.

While they are there they can relax have a drink and a meal , also watch sports , or put a bet on  , or play pool, or keno ,  so many different reasons to go there , other than just the booze.  Some of the regulars that go there are really nice people  who just go for the company , and the booze is a bonus if you like  , they have a few then go home  . There is 1 regular  don’t  know his name but  will refer to him as  Rosco , lol, really nice quiet man . Then there is  Fred  , a real character if ever there was 1 , bit hard to describe him , best just to say if you met him you would understand  ,then of course there is Wayne , another  nice bloke very good to sit and chat to and have a drink with, but to be honest he needs a girlfriend , lol, any takers  ?? ( lmao sorry Wayne )

Trivia , trivia  nights are so much fun , we cannot get there as often as we like owing to hubbys shift patterns , but when we can we also have dinner first then play , we win it often which then pays for next days dinner  lol . The  bloke who runs it  Richard , is a right character  , he has us laughing so hard at times  , he is a stirrer of the highest order , which is why it works so well  I think. The questions  are quite hard too so if you think they are easy , just dont they are very hard at times , but when we win  I just tell hubby its a good thing we are smartarses lol or we would not win so often.

Right from the 1st time we started going there people have been friendly , even ones we have never met , they have no trouble talking to you over a drink . Yet when we were still in the  UK we had just 2 pubs we went to on a regular basis , and in the almost 6 years we lived there and went to them  , not 1 person ever spoke to us or was friendly , not 1  in either pub in 6 years , still cannot believe that  . We have met some real characters too  as mentioned just above  , some I have looked at and just shook my head and thought  huh ? as there is just no explaining them , lol, saw 2 like that the other  day amazed at how people dress or behave in public . The main thing is tho  that when ever  I go there someone always talks to me and for just a little while I have someone  ( other than myself ) to talk to and it breaks the monotony . Also the perving is great  lol …..

So before you just condemn  out of hand people who go to the pub or a club out of hand as being drunkards , think about  all the other valid reasons people have to go there . Our pub has  a huge screen  TV  for all  kind of sports  , love it , have watched a few games there myself . Cant say I have ever seen any real problems with people having too much to drink , it does happen yes , but usually ,thankfully, not when we are there  , it is a very well run and organized place. So before you judge people , or places , check it out  first , then make the right decision.



TEACHER:     Clyde , your composition on ‘My Dog’ is exactly the same as your brother’s..

                        Did you copy his?

CLYDE  :        No, sir. It’s the same dog.    


(I want to adopt this kid!!!)



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