Men How Brave Are You ?

Men how brave are you ?

Are you brave enough to go to the boss ( no not your Mrs. lol that’s later )  your work boss and talk to him if something he is doing , or someone else is doing  is wrong  ? What if what is going wrong is not your fault  but maybe the fault of your  good mate and co-worker , or  maybe the boss himself is to blame  , what then  ? can you do it  ? Can you go in and say , hey boss , this needs to be fixed ? It would be very interesting  to know the  percentage on this as to those who would and those who would not .

Are you brave enough to walk away when there is trouble brewing and it is not your fault or it has nothing to do with you ? You would be surprised at sometimes   how much harder it is to walk away than it is to get into it . Not too many I suspect  could actually walk away  , it is just too easy to let  the aggressive side rule . That happens way too often these days , people are just so much more aggressive.

Are you brave enough to lend  someone a helping hand , even if you do not know them , or there is no reward for you ? Just to help them because it is the right thing to do  ? Or do you save any helping to just those in the family , or work mates , or drinking buddies , or friends ? Have you got it in you to do the right thing  , or is it all too much ?

Are you brave enough to help at the scene of an accident  ? or to try and stop a robbery  , or someone from doing the wrong thing,  or maybe step between when someone is being beaten up  ? Would you try and rescue someone from drowning , or  someone lost , or try to talk someone else out of harming them selves ? All of these things take courage and guts , do you have what it takes ? These days not too many do as the world now is all for  me, me , me, and never mind anyone else  .

Now here we go  ….. lol

Are you brave enough to upset your other half  ? I mean really upset her  ? Would you keep putting off something  you know you should be doing , would you do something she really does not want you to do ? How many times do you have to be asked  ? Are you brave enough to not help around the house when you really know deep down that she would love you to help , and that by helping you would make her happy ? Are you brave enough to just think ha, thats womans work ? Are you brave enough  to not go to the shops if she needs something but cannot go herself   ? I bet you would if she  was making something you really liked , but if not you would say oh leave it for now it’s ok .

Are you brave enough to risk having the various parts of your anatomy  re arranged  , or removed altogether  ? We know you like to keep things where  they should be , and working the way they were meant to , but it amazes me how many men  still flirt with danger  lol, yes Rick looking  at you now  ( again ) Sometimes  I really think men just don’t get it  , just don’t see how dam frustrating they can be  , even from someone who loves them to bits. They seem to make a habit of making you want to  take them to bits  , bit by bit  , and re arrange said  anatomy . It seems to take forever and 1 day to get through to men  that they need to be a bit more careful  , to keep things a bit more sweet .Do you think it’s bravery  , or just plain common sense to do the right thing for the good of you both  ?

Men can’t  live with them  …and the spoilsports  won’t  let you shoot em  …* sigh *

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