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Well I Never !!

Well I never ….

Walked into the pub the other day only to be greeted by  the cheeky barman  I wrote  about in  The  Local Watering  Hole  , who said hey only gave me 2 lines ..after  I stopped laughing  I said what  ? you  think you should have more  ?  He gave me his usual cheeky  grin and said  ( wait for  it  ) …How will  I ever get famous  if you only give me 2 lines  ?  I want to be famous so need more than 2 lines ….Well  I  Never …

This has got to be a first  , and they say there is a first time for everything , never had anyone say hey  I want more  blog space   lol amazing. Then  i  sat there just talking to friends and family  and watching our cheeky  Stevie  , watching how he reacts  to his customers , watching him give cheek  where ever possible  he has a very bubbly personality  for sure and you do get a giggle watching him work. I  must admit too he does do his job well and knows what his regulars want as soon as they walk in  , by the time you have put down your bag and turned around  your beer  or whatever is  on the bar waiting for you , now that is great service for sure . Always service with a smile too. I am still laughing here too  lol  .

He might be a bit on the cheeky side but he knows his job  , so all  the regulars  like him as they know he will serve them well, as  I said in the other blog  I think he is way too skinny lol  but some people are like that the lucky  sods * jealous face * Forgot to find out just how long he has worked there but it has to be a while as he knows the place and its  operations  very well , he works smoothly and efficiently always with that cheeky look on his face . Lol  still laughing  …

He loves nothing better  than to stir , he will at  every opportunity  which  I guess  is why we like him , he does have a boyish charm about him .   His wanting to be famous  makes me wonder if he has aspirations   above his ability  or he  has the ability  and wants a change  or if it is all just smoke and mirrors  , lol  my bet is on the smoke and mirrors  , I think  if he actually  got his fame he may not know how to handle it . Now that could be fun to watch really to see what happened if he got what he asked for , lol, sometimes  if we get what we ask for  it is not the best thing we could have done , and we realise we have asked for the wrong thing and that too can have some funny side effects. Still laughing  ..

So from here on will wait with baited breath so see if our  Stevie gets what he wants  ( Im doing my bit ) lol  and  from here on if he gets it  , how will he react , will he stay ? or will he rush off to find fame and fortune  ? Only  time will tell wont it ? One wonders if he has  self aggrandizement ? or if he really has  what it takes  ….Any bets anyone  ? lol

 Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.  Yep  you guessed it  …still laughing  …………..

Hands Up

Hands Up…

Hands up who among us is honest enough to admit they are a little cracked  ? huh ? Go on be honest now … Let me be the first to do so , and  I am happy that  I am , wouldn,t be me if  I wasn’t lol. I think that being  just that little bit  cracked makes me who  I am  , 1 day quiet and reflective , the next day full of beans and wanting to go go go . I have found too that whatever happens in life  , something   a lovely doctor  I once had told me  many years ago still holds true to this day  , he said * Never Ever  Lose Your Sense Of  Humour * best advice  I have ever had . True there have been times when to do that ,has been as close to impossible as it is possible to get . All the lies, the back stabbing , the robberies , or  just plain ignorance of other people  have bought me to the brink , but  through all that  i stuck to the doc,s  prescription  if you want to call it that.  That advice and yes a warped sense of humour have helped me through some very tough times . Though I freely admit  it has been a close call at times.

So what about you ? are you that little bit warped , little bit cracked  ? Can you admit to it ? Or do you try to hide it from the world ? Why  if so ?

To me its like , if you are scared to admit to it  , then you’re like someone who will throw out a perfectly good cup, plate ,vase e.t.c.  just because it has a little nick in it or something  why throw it out when it still works just fine  ? I have seen people throw out things that might just have a scratch or a mark on them  , but they are still perfectly good to use  . Also seen people who have bought clothes and when they got them home found a small imperfection or just changed their minds about them  , just throw them out  what a waste !

We have become such a wasteful society these days it is to me almost criminal what people will throw out , got more money than sense , more than  I have thats for sure . I got a lot of bits and pieces that are slightly cracked  ,( lol, yes dear I do mean you .. giggles ) but to be honest I really cannot for the life of me see why people want to throw out damaged goods. We are all damaged in some way , but that is ok , it can make us stronger , the fact is we can use it , use it to make us stronger to help us get on, we must never  * let the bastards beat us  *  if we do we are sunk .

The other aspect of this throw out damaged goods  theme is that it often means people too, I know of lots of people who are disabled  or damaged to use this worlds  label , but are perfectly fit to work, marry , love , be useful  but be unable to do so, to take their place in society because of this  throw out the damaged goods mentality .It makes me so angry when  I see it happening , they are people too.

So hands up , who will admit to it  ? Who will be honest  ?  Who will say that it  helps them to get by in this  world of  cracked and damaged goods and people  ? As  I said  I am the first  to admit it  …

So from 1 cracked egg to all you other cracked eggs … Putting my hand up …will you  ?

No eggs were hurt in the cracking of this subject ….I was eggstremely  careful  not to crack any on the yolks I used either …eggsactly  ..


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