Hands Up

Hands Up…

Hands up who among us is honest enough to admit they are a little cracked  ? huh ? Go on be honest now … Let me be the first to do so , and  I am happy that  I am , wouldn,t be me if  I wasn’t lol. I think that being  just that little bit  cracked makes me who  I am  , 1 day quiet and reflective , the next day full of beans and wanting to go go go . I have found too that whatever happens in life  , something   a lovely doctor  I once had told me  many years ago still holds true to this day  , he said * Never Ever  Lose Your Sense Of  Humour * best advice  I have ever had . True there have been times when to do that ,has been as close to impossible as it is possible to get . All the lies, the back stabbing , the robberies , or  just plain ignorance of other people  have bought me to the brink , but  through all that  i stuck to the doc,s  prescription  if you want to call it that.  That advice and yes a warped sense of humour have helped me through some very tough times . Though I freely admit  it has been a close call at times.

So what about you ? are you that little bit warped , little bit cracked  ? Can you admit to it ? Or do you try to hide it from the world ? Why  if so ?

To me its like , if you are scared to admit to it  , then you’re like someone who will throw out a perfectly good cup, plate ,vase e.t.c.  just because it has a little nick in it or something  why throw it out when it still works just fine  ? I have seen people throw out things that might just have a scratch or a mark on them  , but they are still perfectly good to use  . Also seen people who have bought clothes and when they got them home found a small imperfection or just changed their minds about them  , just throw them out  what a waste !

We have become such a wasteful society these days it is to me almost criminal what people will throw out , got more money than sense , more than  I have thats for sure . I got a lot of bits and pieces that are slightly cracked  ,( lol, yes dear I do mean you .. giggles ) but to be honest I really cannot for the life of me see why people want to throw out damaged goods. We are all damaged in some way , but that is ok , it can make us stronger , the fact is we can use it , use it to make us stronger to help us get on, we must never  * let the bastards beat us  *  if we do we are sunk .

The other aspect of this throw out damaged goods  theme is that it often means people too, I know of lots of people who are disabled  or damaged to use this worlds  label , but are perfectly fit to work, marry , love , be useful  but be unable to do so, to take their place in society because of this  throw out the damaged goods mentality .It makes me so angry when  I see it happening , they are people too.

So hands up , who will admit to it  ? Who will be honest  ?  Who will say that it  helps them to get by in this  world of  cracked and damaged goods and people  ? As  I said  I am the first  to admit it  …

So from 1 cracked egg to all you other cracked eggs … Putting my hand up …will you  ?

No eggs were hurt in the cracking of this subject ….I was eggstremely  careful  not to crack any on the yolks I used either …eggsactly  ..


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