Mute Button

Mute   Button …

How many things do have today  have mute buttons  ? TV … Radio ..Games .. Tools…? So many things do have a mute button but most of the time we do not use them  but every now and then something comes along like  an annoying advert on TV the most notable , when it comes on we just automatically hit much better  .. same with radio we turn them off or change channels .I am the fastest finger in the West when it comes to muting the  TV lol.

How much better would it be though if you could mute  other things ? Lets think about this for a minute ,what would it be nice to mute  ?

Barking dogs ..nothing worse than a  dog that will not stop barking ,or a cat the meows all the time , makes you want to kick them sometimes . ..loud cars ..roaring out side up and down the road when you want a little peace and quiet ..makes you want to get a shot gun , those sorts of sounds belong at a race track not up and down a suburban street. With those too the owners think they are so cool and it is all just great, not 1 of them thinks about those who need sleep like night workers  or sick people or babies …these dudes definitely need mute buttons…

What else  now  ? …How about those people who talk at  what anyone else would think of as  yelling   …or those who live on the second  or third floor of unit blocks  and stand down on the ground  in the garden and scream up to the floor they live on , not 1 thought about the fact that the sudden yelling could scare the crap out of someone not expecting it . Not 1 thought about the fact that some people do need to sleep in the day time  if they work nights or odd hours , do we all have to work in times and sleep in times that suit them ? …

Then there are the kids who scream and yell and parents do nothing to stop them  , again not 1 single thought about what that amount of noise could be doing to someone else ,no thought of the pain that it may cause …before you say it let me  I know kids need to play  and  let off steam but that is not what I mean here .. Say you go to a club or a pub or a restaurant  or to the theatre or pictures  or museum  , you get the idea and all you hear is screaming kids because the parents just do not give a dam  about anyone else , and do nothing to stop them.

How about  mowers and hedge trimmers and chainsaws  and garden vacs ….man those things are all so loud  , so wish they could be muted  , usually when they start they go on for hours ( or it seems like hours ) yes , yes ,  I know it has to be done but would be so much nicer if it could be muted . Also what about the bin men can not leave them out can we  ? once a week every week at  4.45 am  * bang * crash * wallop * squeak *   up one side of the road then down the other ..again I know it has to be but boy I sure wish it could be muted , can never get back to sleep after..

Another  thing be nice to mute are the planes  and the helicopters that are constantly going over  and the trains  mainly the goods trains  can be very noisy , again necessary but can be oh so noisy  at times…

So what would you like to mute  ?  lol be nice now  …

lol 🙂


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