Insecurities girl

Insecurities ….

There are many many people out there who have insecurities , it is how we deal with them that makes us who we are , and how we cope in the world ,and the people in it .This is getting harder by the day too , as so much has changed ,too much has changed and not for the better .

I myself have a past that had  I let it would have destroyed me years ago , long before  I  ever  got to maturity , to put it mildly it was a past right from hell , with an abusive father , a mother who sat back and let him , to family members who either denied it happening or trying hard to protect me. This also does not count accidents and a deliberate attempt on my life  as a child…

I do know that without my finding God when I was a little girl for sure  I would either be dead ( the most likely thing ) or be in a home somewhere  . Thanks  to my  finding him  I have learned the very hard way ” Do not let the buggers win ”  so I stick to that with all my heart , and it serves me well . At  times it is so very hard to do and  I want to just go hide in a corner , but thanks also to the love  of my husband who is always  with me and supports me it is no longer so difficult ( thanks love  )

It brings with it the question how do others cope with theirs  ? Not everyone is  as lucky as I am and have such love to keep them going , so what do they do ? how do they handle it ? We all need a way to handle it well or it will beat us , and we must not let that happen . So many people feel them so much worse at this time of year , if we know anyone who feels like that we should at least try to help them . Having been there done that myself it was not till I met and fell in love with my husband that  I got a true friend also, who   helps me through these times. After all these years , yes  I still do have times when it rears its ugly head again ,now at least ,and at last  I have the help  I need .

I am sure we all know people like that who maybe just need a little encouragement , a little bit of help, to know they are not alone , and if we do , how do we react  ? Do we help or just leave them to it? There are so many ways to help , if we can in person then great , but sometimes  a friendly e – mail , phone call , tweet , or facebook message , might just help someone out of a black depression. It all starts , usually in childhood , but then can fester like a disease  unless someone helps  , then an insecurity can fester along all too well . Without help it will only get worse , then you have people in homes or too scared to go out in case they have trouble , or too scared  to even answer the door , or the phone , as not knowing who or what is on the other end is too hard to deal with.

So if you are 1 of these people , let me tell you that you are not alone , there is always someone to help, who has been there done that, so please go get help do not let it win. If  I can you can too . To be brutally honest  I never thought  I would live past 20 , yet I did and have children, grand children , even great grandchildren , have travelled all over Australia , half way round the world and back  so if that does not prove that all things are possible then nothing else will ….. please if you need it ..get help is out there …

May I now wish you all a very  Merry Christmas and a happy New  Year , and please forget all the hype and greed ,and remember the real reason for  Christ….mas ….

My Love to all who read this and hope it helps  🙂


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