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Aussie Aussie Aussie … OI Oi OI

Aussie Aussie Aussie … OI Oi OI

As most people know  all around the world  we just celebrated Australia  Day , now to all you  who think it is fun to  say , your all bloody convicts ,you have now shown the world how stupid  you are  . Those  convicts who did come out here , if they survived the trip over  were here to do a sentence , not to go on holidays or go have a family . As history shows  almost all of them died  on the roads  they were building or in the prisons.  The actual people  who  built this wonderful country came here gladly  to start a new life in an unspoiled country , they were called the 10 pound poms…. They were the ones who fathered this nation , the professionals  who wanted  to come to a brand new continent , they came in their thousands  to get a piece of this land …..They are the true  fathers of the country …

When they came  here they did what almost all white people  did in those days , they slaughtered  the local blacks , or took away their children , why they did this we will never know , why  didn’t  they make peace and live with them ? Why the thought that all men have that white is best ? What difference does a persons skin colour make ?

It is what is on the inside that matters ……

After all it is a very big country , killing them was wrong. We now see this and now do live together with them , but it is too little too late as far as  I’m concerned . They should never have been killed just because they were here first .

We had a lovely day celebrating a wonderful country , a country that gave us life , and keeps on giving  if you want to work for it and most people do . People all over the country were out  having fun, remembering what had happened  both good and bad  in the past . With a bit of luck we will improve as a people and as a country , and keep on doing the right thing  as we  go on.  As long as we keep progressing and doing the right thing then we have nothing to be ashamed of ..we have a unique country with great chance to do things others cant , like proving a home for those forced out  of their own countries by terrorism and violence , like helping them to start all over again ..There are many things here that  do not exist in any other parts of the world , animals, plants, fish, insects , spiders , so many things here  that are not to be found anywhere else …lot of people would think that’s good  lol  but its all good …

The only thing that to me spoils it all are the people who have come here from other places,  maybe willingly  or not , do not  join in the  celebration , do not join in the thanks for the land  that gave them a new start . When we were out and about  I never saw any others apart from Australians who were born here out having fun and above all being thankful to this country  that is just so sad . Almost all of them rather than settling in , learning our ways , contributing to our society , learning our language , would rather change us to their ways , sorry but to me that is just rude …. They  think only of trying to get us to turn to the way they do things ,again this is wrong and rude .If they  want to change it so much to the way things are in their homeland , then  I am sure they know where the door out is, it is our country  ,you don’t like it  then leave  .. we will not stop you , trust me  we much prefer you go if you cant be thankful  for what this country gave you ……hope  ..

It is generally agreed that “Hello” is an appropriate greeting because if you entered a room and said “Goodbye,” it could confuse a lot of people…



Sayings ….there are so many sayings in the world today  , now  I wonder where they all came from ? Who started them  ? There are good ones and also some mean ones, those ones  I will not touch . I always like to see the good in people and things till they prove not worthy of it .Do they do any good  ?

Some of the ones  I remember are quiet funny , like if someone urges you to buy or go to something very expensive  I say , Oh yes ..what with coca – cola bottle tops  ?? Always my answer when asked to buy/do something  I cannot afford………or think nothing of it  I will have a dozen .. Then there is the 1 for someone who is in the way …one side or a leg off …  or if someone says  something unintelligible …want to run that by me again ? …or now can  I have that in English ?  Or if someone wants you to do something you are not  sure of  …after you  I,m first … or if trying to do something and someone is in the way …you here to help or to hinder ? … Trying to do some cooking and someone  keeps telling you how to do it  …too many cooks spoil the broth ..

So it seems we have sayings for just about anything / everything  well where did they all come from  ? Who started them and why  ? Why do we accept them ?

When you are talking to someone  , or read something and it makes no sense whatever  on first hearing/reading …… yeah  I had 1 of those but the wheels fell off….. when I use that 1 it means something has been said or I have read something that makes no sense  at all, lol , usually at this point my eyes  cross , just ask hubby ….How many do you know  ? How many do you use ? I bet we use them without even knowing we do , they have become so much a part of our every day lives. Or if someone  keeps trying to make you think the way they do and it is annoying  ….when  I want your opinion I will give it to you  …then of  course we have the famous or is that infamous  one ……turn it off and turn it on again …loved by  IT  professionals  the world over  , but it is surprising just how many times that works , lol, and not just for computers … The car that won’t start no matter what  …put a penny in it ….or this  …it’s a rolls cnardly  rolls down the hill but cnardly get up the other side seen a few like that over the years …

Then we have sport  lol so many for this but will try to keep it nice  if the team is not winning cannot seem to kick straight …..couldn’t even buy a goal  … or if you feel they are not  doing well  …pull your finger out  ….or the upper class …extract the digit … and for horse racing ..come on you hay burner  move it  … Now lets get to  gadgets ….things that decide they will not work as they are supposed to  …..when in doubt give it a clout …seen many people do this and had to giggle it does not really help much  ..let us not forget the wonderful …window shopping  …just how many windows do people actually buy …lol.. none that I ever saw  except if your talking  microsux windows  and there is a whole new ball game if ever there was one….

So think about it , try and work out how many you use and why  , and where you got the saying from , did this myself the other day and got lost  so there you have it  a world so full of sayings and  no one knows where they all came from and why  ..interesting ..

1 out of every 4 people suffer from some sort of mental illness. Think of your three best friends — if they’re okay, then it’s you…..

How Do We Top That ?

How  do we top that  ? ( Still Laughing )

I mean you are planning to get married  , so to decide on a date  we go through all sorts of  plans, then we finally hit on a winner , or do we  ?  lol  We decide ok it is  mostly always  the men who forget anniversary’s , so we will make it  easy for our selves ( and him ) we decide to get married on soon to be hubbys  birthday , easy all sorted  ( what could possibly go wrong  ?)2 occasions 1 date to remember … Simples !!

So 1st  1 rolls around ,  all goes well , double celebration we have a great time  , no worries for next time . Next 1 rolls around we go out for dinner for  hubby s  birthday , people are wishing him  happy birthday , all of a sudden someone says  Happy Anniversary!!  huh ? what  ? lol  ( Thanks Penny )        we sit  and just look at each other , crack up laughing  ( still laughing ) and say how  did we do that  ? Our so call perfect system for not forgetting  crashes and burns in the second year !!! Good grief  we both  totally forgot  , somehow the perfect system proved to be not so perfect.  The galling thing is that we were so sure that  by combining both his birthday and  our anniversary  there would be no way we could forget either 2 for the price of 1 so to speak .. Should have had insurance …* sigh  *

In our defence this  year has been very challenging , we have had a lot of adjustments to make , and hubby has  been working  long hours . Things are taking way longer than we had planned to to get sorted  , not helped by the fact that the place we live in is 1 of the most expensive place  re cost of living  , so things we had hoped would be finished by now are no where near, but we will eventually get there . Given that so  many things have changed this year  I guess we can give our selves a little le- way .( still laughing ) Just trying to sort all that out I suppose is 1 of the reasons we forgot , but only 1 of them .

My theory is it is all Twitter and  Faceaches  fault , they distract us so much , so many people chatting to you , being cheeky , stirring us up , distracting us , no way its all our fault  just couldn’t be , could it  ? Not our fault people put up funny pictures and  joke with us all the time  so well that they distract us , got to give ourselves a break  here a bit   don’t we  ? Having said that they are also very informative and keep us in touch with things whether we want to or not .Too often we do not want to know as too much is not good news , but there is enough good  on both of these to make it worth while . I think  ..

So how do we top that  ? How do we  make sure next time we don’t forget   ? lol Since we had what we thought was the perfect way to not forget , then we both forget , what now?  How do we remind ourselves that there are 2 things to celebrate rather than just 1  ?   I bet if we ask someone else to remind us they too will forget  and 1 more  time 1  will be forgotten . Or will the fact that we have hardly stopped laughing over this  be enough to remind us next time , well at least we have another year to work on it . There must be a fool proof way ….. but then again  make something  foolproof  and they just make better fools …so that’s not a lot of help either is it  ?  Thinking  ………….

Thinking ……….. hmmmmmmmmm…… maybe  I got it ?? How about we set up a tweet or an e mail to fire off the  week before so that we get it in time to sort out both  ? We send it to both of us   so we both  have a nudge in the right direction  ?? That might work yes  ?? I know you can pre-set Twitter  to fire off tweets at a later date so maybe this would work  it sure is worth a try , got to sort something out for next time  ( still laughing  )Also we got to get it right as it means 1 more present each , and who does not like getting presents  yes?

My memory’s not as sharp as it used to be.
Also, my memory’s not as sharp as it used to be……
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Old Farts :)

Old Farts …. Now when and where did this term become acceptable  ? We all know the term most of the time it is used as a put down , an insult , anything to put down people over a certain age . When did this start  ? Who started it  ? Why  ? These  are things  I would love to know ,very occasionally  it is used  as a term of endearment , but that is rare . Why did we accept it  ?

So what defines an * Old  Fart ? *

Who determines  when someone becomes an old fart ? What age does someone have to be ,to be classed as 1 , is it 40 ? 50 ? or more ? and who set the age and   who decided it was now ok to insult and generally degrade people of this age  ? In years gone by it was  a good thing to be these ages and beyond  as by the time we got to this age we were treated with respect , and asked our opinion on things . Now when you hear this term it is bound to be by some young ” person ” who having not lived  very long  now decides they know all there is to know and no longer needs what they perceive as someone not worthy  of respect , much less of having any use  any more. What if  when they need answers to problems there is no one to ask  because no one will talk to them any more because of their attitudes?

What they do not stop to think about , and sadly many of them seem to have forgotten what it is like to be able to think, without the so called  ” Old Farts ” where would they have gotten all the * stuff * they have today  ? It was  ” The Old Farts ”  who got all these things for them . They  thought about them , invented them , made them , distributed them . So where would all of these things have come from if not for  ” The old Farts ?” The  computers, televisions, telephones, gadgets  of all shapes and sizes , they did not just magically appear , someone had to invent and make them . How would these  people who insist on  degrading the older person be if it had not been for all these inventions  ? Would they be able to have coped with no computers, television , gadgets , how would they cook  ? Remember if not for the older people then there would not even be electricity to run everything , there would not be even the modicum of civilization that the young all enjoy so much today . Sadly tho  today the young , are too into denigrating  the old , not for 1 minute  realising that they too will get old , nor how much they owe the older people , and  should actually be very thankful to them  . Nor do they see the hurt they cause by all this  making fun of older people  causes. How will they feel when it is their turn to be old  ?

Now as an  ” Old Fart ” myself let me say  that I am glad to be 1  , I know how all these things have helped me , helped make my life that bit better , but also that  I am still  learning things today and plan on keeping on learning , you never know what you may learn  next , to me that’s exciting  .. I remember before the internet , how much harder just doing the food shopping was  if you had any kind of disability , you still had to physically go and do it , and that it took up most of the day . Now of course it takes  about 30 minutes  if that sitting in comfort at the pc and ordering online . Then they do the tedious  bit of collecting it all and delivering it , yes there is a delivery charge but mostly that is not much and well worth it not to have to go though the usual agony . That is just 1 thing that had it not been for “The Old Farts ”  I would never have been able to make use of , and boy  am  I glad they did that .

Say what you like about the older generation mostly they were the ones that were there first , they did the hard work, they made it possible for all you young  * people * to have what you have now and to be able to do the things you do , and to go to places that you could never ever have dreamed of before . As we get older so much changes  , not always  for the good but if we ever stop  changing and being changed we will just slide into an abyss ,and that would not be good for anyone.   So before you start tell the older generation  they are past their use by date  , stop and think that if not for them  you would have nothing.

Lastly would someone please tell me why and how the common perception is that once a woman gets to a certain age ( I think its about 40 )  that all of a sudden she no longer has any interest in sex ? Or that once she is married that puts an end to sex ? Let me tell you who ever started that rot  had better think again, you obviously have not heard that things get better with age …..Notice too that is mostly men who make these statements , and  I know 1 man for sure who knows how  wrong these are  … lol

Marriage is like a public toilet. Those waiting outside are desperate to get in. Those inside can’t wait to get out……….


Excesses , have you ever  thought about just how many excesses there are in the world today and what they can mean to us ?  Lets  just look at some of these ..

1. Food …We have in so many  countries today so much food and  varieties of food that we are spoilt for choice , and more often than not we make the wrong choices as to what we eat . There are however those that can not make the right dietary  choices because  in this crazy world , what we need to be able to eat for health reasons  is just too expensive , and that to me is just wrong , it should be the other way round, make all the junk food too expensive so we can eat healthy more often. People in some countries  would love to have even half the choices we have .

2. Alcohol …..Again we are well and truly spoilt for choice ,but that is not the real problem , the real problem is that we do not learn what can happen , and too often does happen when we drink to excess . How many poor people in the last few weeks alone  have been killed, maimed for life ,families ruined , all because these young people  can not handle the amounts or the varieties of alcohol that they  can legally have  , and that to me is also just wrong. They get drunk and go out looking for trouble because in many cases  alcohol makes some people violent , they may be fine when not drinking but in too many cases the violence is bought out by the drinking. The term King Hit  has been used a lot by the media  lately , to me that just glorifies these idiots , who must know they get like that when drunk. A far better term for these idiots  who do this is Cowards Punch  simply because they have to be drunk to be able to do it , unless they are natural bullies. The law is also to blame for these  things happening  so often  because they are way too lenient , they should throw the book at them , and ignore the crying, as 1 did the other day , the saying sorry, they are not as sorry as those they have killed or maimed , stop being so soft on them , make them pay properly.

3. Shopping …. yes shopping  almost every day you see people going to sales ,they buy so much stuff it boggles the mind , leaving you wondering what on earth do they need so much stuff for  ? Is there something we don’t know ? Like all the shops shutting forever never to open again ? I have seen people  in supermarkets  filling shopping trolleys to the brim and over flowing  , just because the shops will be shut for 1 day , awwww . Unless like  I do you only shop once a month then what  on earth do you have to go mad shopping   at the sales or for food when its only going to be a 1 day closure ? How can anyone  need so many dresses , pairs of shoes, handbags, linen , towels, etc. you get my drift just how many of these things can 1 family use  ? My bet is that a lot of these things that people simply ” must have ” because its on sale never even see the light of day after the sale .

4. Money … How many times have you seen people who will do anything to get money , they go into every lottery despite the fact that the odds of winning are about 1 million to 1 of you ever winning anything worth while . Try to go to the newsagent just to get a paper or card or anything  when there is a big jackpot on the lottery , you got buckleys of getting any service for hours  till these people have got their lottery tickets , it never ceases to amaze me . Especially  when its  so close to impossible of them winning a dam thing.

These are just a few of the many excesses we have to face in life , but the next thing is how do we handle them ? We have to find a moderate path through all these things , I am not for 1 minute saying that any of these things are wrong, what is wrong is the way most people handle themselves. If we can learn the age old saying  ” Everything in Moderation ” then we have a fair chance  of doing allright. What we also need to learn is another maxim , 1 I have always lived by … For every action ..there is an equal and opposite reaction …in other words  what we do does affect others , we have been hurt before by people who seem to think they live on an island or something and that what they do wont hurt anyone else.

I usually end a Blog with a joke but not this time , this time  it needs to be said that we need to wake up, things like this need to be addressed and we can not if we do not put  all our efforts into fixing these things . Most of all we need to fix the  alcohol fuelled violence , too many innocent people are being hurt, and what good are we if we do nothing ???