Excesses , have you ever  thought about just how many excesses there are in the world today and what they can mean to us ?  Lets  just look at some of these ..

1. Food …We have in so many  countries today so much food and  varieties of food that we are spoilt for choice , and more often than not we make the wrong choices as to what we eat . There are however those that can not make the right dietary  choices because  in this crazy world , what we need to be able to eat for health reasons  is just too expensive , and that to me is just wrong , it should be the other way round, make all the junk food too expensive so we can eat healthy more often. People in some countries  would love to have even half the choices we have .

2. Alcohol …..Again we are well and truly spoilt for choice ,but that is not the real problem , the real problem is that we do not learn what can happen , and too often does happen when we drink to excess . How many poor people in the last few weeks alone  have been killed, maimed for life ,families ruined , all because these young people  can not handle the amounts or the varieties of alcohol that they  can legally have  , and that to me is also just wrong. They get drunk and go out looking for trouble because in many cases  alcohol makes some people violent , they may be fine when not drinking but in too many cases the violence is bought out by the drinking. The term King Hit  has been used a lot by the media  lately , to me that just glorifies these idiots , who must know they get like that when drunk. A far better term for these idiots  who do this is Cowards Punch  simply because they have to be drunk to be able to do it , unless they are natural bullies. The law is also to blame for these  things happening  so often  because they are way too lenient , they should throw the book at them , and ignore the crying, as 1 did the other day , the saying sorry, they are not as sorry as those they have killed or maimed , stop being so soft on them , make them pay properly.

3. Shopping …. yes shopping  almost every day you see people going to sales ,they buy so much stuff it boggles the mind , leaving you wondering what on earth do they need so much stuff for  ? Is there something we don’t know ? Like all the shops shutting forever never to open again ? I have seen people  in supermarkets  filling shopping trolleys to the brim and over flowing  , just because the shops will be shut for 1 day , awwww . Unless like  I do you only shop once a month then what  on earth do you have to go mad shopping   at the sales or for food when its only going to be a 1 day closure ? How can anyone  need so many dresses , pairs of shoes, handbags, linen , towels, etc. you get my drift just how many of these things can 1 family use  ? My bet is that a lot of these things that people simply ” must have ” because its on sale never even see the light of day after the sale .

4. Money … How many times have you seen people who will do anything to get money , they go into every lottery despite the fact that the odds of winning are about 1 million to 1 of you ever winning anything worth while . Try to go to the newsagent just to get a paper or card or anything  when there is a big jackpot on the lottery , you got buckleys of getting any service for hours  till these people have got their lottery tickets , it never ceases to amaze me . Especially  when its  so close to impossible of them winning a dam thing.

These are just a few of the many excesses we have to face in life , but the next thing is how do we handle them ? We have to find a moderate path through all these things , I am not for 1 minute saying that any of these things are wrong, what is wrong is the way most people handle themselves. If we can learn the age old saying  ” Everything in Moderation ” then we have a fair chance  of doing allright. What we also need to learn is another maxim , 1 I have always lived by … For every action ..there is an equal and opposite reaction …in other words  what we do does affect others , we have been hurt before by people who seem to think they live on an island or something and that what they do wont hurt anyone else.

I usually end a Blog with a joke but not this time , this time  it needs to be said that we need to wake up, things like this need to be addressed and we can not if we do not put  all our efforts into fixing these things . Most of all we need to fix the  alcohol fuelled violence , too many innocent people are being hurt, and what good are we if we do nothing ???



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