Old Farts :)

Old Farts …. Now when and where did this term become acceptable  ? We all know the term most of the time it is used as a put down , an insult , anything to put down people over a certain age . When did this start  ? Who started it  ? Why  ? These  are things  I would love to know ,very occasionally  it is used  as a term of endearment , but that is rare . Why did we accept it  ?

So what defines an * Old  Fart ? *

Who determines  when someone becomes an old fart ? What age does someone have to be ,to be classed as 1 , is it 40 ? 50 ? or more ? and who set the age and   who decided it was now ok to insult and generally degrade people of this age  ? In years gone by it was  a good thing to be these ages and beyond  as by the time we got to this age we were treated with respect , and asked our opinion on things . Now when you hear this term it is bound to be by some young ” person ” who having not lived  very long  now decides they know all there is to know and no longer needs what they perceive as someone not worthy  of respect , much less of having any use  any more. What if  when they need answers to problems there is no one to ask  because no one will talk to them any more because of their attitudes?

What they do not stop to think about , and sadly many of them seem to have forgotten what it is like to be able to think, without the so called  ” Old Farts ” where would they have gotten all the * stuff * they have today  ? It was  ” The Old Farts ”  who got all these things for them . They  thought about them , invented them , made them , distributed them . So where would all of these things have come from if not for  ” The old Farts ?” The  computers, televisions, telephones, gadgets  of all shapes and sizes , they did not just magically appear , someone had to invent and make them . How would these  people who insist on  degrading the older person be if it had not been for all these inventions  ? Would they be able to have coped with no computers, television , gadgets , how would they cook  ? Remember if not for the older people then there would not even be electricity to run everything , there would not be even the modicum of civilization that the young all enjoy so much today . Sadly tho  today the young , are too into denigrating  the old , not for 1 minute  realising that they too will get old , nor how much they owe the older people , and  should actually be very thankful to them  . Nor do they see the hurt they cause by all this  making fun of older people  causes. How will they feel when it is their turn to be old  ?

Now as an  ” Old Fart ” myself let me say  that I am glad to be 1  , I know how all these things have helped me , helped make my life that bit better , but also that  I am still  learning things today and plan on keeping on learning , you never know what you may learn  next , to me that’s exciting  .. I remember before the internet , how much harder just doing the food shopping was  if you had any kind of disability , you still had to physically go and do it , and that it took up most of the day . Now of course it takes  about 30 minutes  if that sitting in comfort at the pc and ordering online . Then they do the tedious  bit of collecting it all and delivering it , yes there is a delivery charge but mostly that is not much and well worth it not to have to go though the usual agony . That is just 1 thing that had it not been for “The Old Farts ”  I would never have been able to make use of , and boy  am  I glad they did that .

Say what you like about the older generation mostly they were the ones that were there first , they did the hard work, they made it possible for all you young  * people * to have what you have now and to be able to do the things you do , and to go to places that you could never ever have dreamed of before . As we get older so much changes  , not always  for the good but if we ever stop  changing and being changed we will just slide into an abyss ,and that would not be good for anyone.   So before you start tell the older generation  they are past their use by date  , stop and think that if not for them  you would have nothing.

Lastly would someone please tell me why and how the common perception is that once a woman gets to a certain age ( I think its about 40 )  that all of a sudden she no longer has any interest in sex ? Or that once she is married that puts an end to sex ? Let me tell you who ever started that rot  had better think again, you obviously have not heard that things get better with age …..Notice too that is mostly men who make these statements , and  I know 1 man for sure who knows how  wrong these are  … lol

Marriage is like a public toilet. Those waiting outside are desperate to get in. Those inside can’t wait to get out……….

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